This section consists of the subject areas starting with the letters D through F.


AP = Annual Plan

ARF = Assessment Report Form (first used in 2014-2015, the first half lays out the year’s plans for a first-time assessment and the second half of the form is filed at the end of the year to explain how the assessment went

C = Communication (Core Outcome)

CA = Cultural Awareness (Core Outcome)

CER = Community and Environmental Responsibility (Core Outcome)

CTPS = Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (Core Outcome)

EOY = End-of-Year Report

MYP = Multi-Year Plan (first created in 2013-2014, this form provides a two-year assessment plan for Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, and a six-year assessment plan for Lower-Division Collegiate  (LDC) and Developmental Education (DE) disciplines

PC = Professional Competence (Core Outcome)

RRF = Reassessment Report Form (first used in 2014-2015, the RRF is similar to the ARF, but is used when a department has conducted a reassessment; i.e., assessing for improvement)

SDR = Summary Data Report (first used in 2014-2015, the SDR provides disaggregated results of student assessment)

SR = Self-Reflection (Core Outcome)

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