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Procurement and Contract Services      Risk Services    

Accounts Payable                                           Contract & Grant Accounting 

Payroll Department                                        Budget Office                                                                                

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Requisition Tips (Procurement & Contract Services)          

Invoices & Payments - Review before creating Direct Pay Invoices from Vendor Invoices

Processing a vendor invoice for payment  - Sign off on Vendor Invoices related to a Purchase Orders

Frequently Used Account Codes and Approvals Information

Timesheet Update

F - Banner Finance 'How-To' Documentation

Budget Accounting Structure

Accounting Structure - FOAP - Every budget has a Fund, Organization and Program code that is specific to their division, department and program.
FOAP Structure

The budget administration policy provides incentives to use financial resources wisely, to give responsibility for budget management to the managers, and to increase flexibility to address changing needs. Our Budgets are planned in Biennial cycles i.e. July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023 = BI 21-23. Our Fiscal Year begins July 1st and ends June 30th.

Roll-ups are budgets at the highest level of authority.

*These are just a few examples. Review the Banner FAQ Data page for the entire list of codes used by PCC.

*FUND Code  




General Funds 1000

Grants begin with 4####

Student Activity Funds 3300

Organization codes start with a
Letter followed by 5 numbers
that indicate budgets within a
division, department or program.

Example: A40100
Sylvania Campus Dean of Instruction

Allocation codes for specific purposes. 

01xxx = salaries/payroll
02xxx = benefits/fringe
03xxx = materials, supplies, services
07xxx = major equipment

Subordinate codes related
to the services provided

21 = Instruction
24 = Instructional Support
25 = Student Support
26 = College Services

Note: Wherever the term FOAPAL is used, disregard the A for Activity and L for Location. These codes are no longer used at PCC.

Budget Status Tracking

FGIBDSR - Executive Budget Summary – Document details related to FGIBDSR are not located in Banner, but in PCC Reporting - Argos FWIDETL.

FWRSUMA - A PDF report of Year-to-Date totals with account numbers with the same data as the FGIBDSR read-only page.

Acct #

Adjusted Budget

YTD ActivityCommitmentsAvailable Balance



Funds that are available to be
spent starting
July 1, with the
exception of
Grants and other
special programs 

Total expenses since July
1st. Once a month, PCard totals are uploaded
to Banner near the start of each month.

Commitments, Reservations,
& Encumbrances include; 
unspent salaries and open 

Current funds that are available 
after YTD expenses and Commitments
are subtracted from the Adjusted Budget.
Remember, PCard data for the previous spending
month is only uploaded to
Banner near the start of each month.

Budget Reports

Most frequently used Budget reports. For additional budget reporting related to Budget planning, refer to the Budget Office section. 

FWRSUMA - Summarize Expenses by Account

FWRAVAL - Total Report Budget vs YTD

FWROYTD - Organizational Analysis Report

FWRODTA - Organization Detail Activity Report

Budget Planning Reports

FWRBIBR - (Contact Budget Office) Budget Detail Biennium

FWRBISU - (Contact Budget Office) Summarize Expenses by Account / Biennium

FWRBIAV - (Contact Budget Office) Total Report Budget vs YTD Biennial

FWRSUMO - (Contact Budget Office) Summarize expenses by Account for Org range (From Org To Org)

FWRPREP - (Contact Budget Office) Future Biennium Budget Preparation Worksheet Report - used every two years when preparing the future biennium's budget for your department(s) FWRPRE1 (Phase codes PREP, PROPOS...)

Finance Transaction Tracking

PCC Finance: Invoices & Payments

FWISUMP - Transaction Document Summary (Lookup by I, R or P number - Printable Summary)

FOIDOCH - Transaction History (i.e. Doc Type INV, REQ or PO - Doc Number will be  I... R... P… or T…)

FWLOOKU - User History (Look up transactions by Banner User Name)

FWLOOKV - Vendor History (Look up transactions by Vendor Code (Employee Reimbursements - G #)

Argos (PCC Reporting) is used for the budget detail report, FWIDETL. 

Tracking Purchase Orders  

Authorizing a Vendor Invoice for payment      

PCC Finance: Invoices & Payments                                                                          

FGIENCD - Lookup Purchase Order encumbrances by PO number

FWRPOBT - Lookup a Purchase Order number for a specific activity

FWRENCA - Purchase Orders of roll-up for Organizations by Fiscal Year

FWRVENC - Vendor check activity detail for POs

Vendor Information

FTMVEND - Vendor Information

To search use ... ellipse > FTIIDEN - Lookup parts of company name in last name field only. Use percent sign as a wildcard i.e. %Portland%

Substitute W-9

Setting up a New Vendor

Vendor Resources

Creating Direct Pay Invoices in Banner

FWAINVE - Direct Pay Invoices. Payment for materials/supplies/services already received under $3000.

Allocating to more than one FOAP

Remove or Edit an incomplete transaction

Invoices & Payments - Review before creating Direct Pay Invoices from Vendor Invoices

Processing a vendor invoice for payment  - Sign off on Vendor Invoices related to a Purchase Orders

Creating Requisitions in Banner

Requisitions begin the Purchase Order process for ordering materials/supplies/services.

Processing a vendor invoice for payment  - Sign off on Vendor Invoices related to a Purchase Orders

FPAREQN (One-time purchase)

FPAREQN (Blanket PO)

Allocating to more than one FOAP

Remove or Edit an incomplete transaction

Item Text and Document Text: Minimum Information needed in Requisition/PO

Procurement & Contracts over the $9,999.99 limit including M/WSB

PCC Contracts

Purchasing Process Guidelines

Personal Services Contract (PSC) Decision Tree

Banner Finance Approvals

FOAUAPP - Managers with approval authority can approve transactions from the Approval Alerts Channel on the Manager’s Page in MyPCC / Employee Tab or in Banner FOAUAPP.

Managers should read and understand the Banner Finance Training Overview Details as well as know how and when to contact Financial Services personnel when preparing budgets, planning expenses and approving transactions. 

Understanding Approval Authority

Delegated Authority - Who can sign a contract?

Managers will need to contact the Human Resources staff to set up training and access to approve EPAFs or manage other hiring processes.

FOIAPHT - Approval History

Tracking Personnel Salaries and Payroll 

Contact  the Payroll Department for questions related to Payroll Calendars or Forms, Time Sheets, Deductions or Direct Deposits. 
Bi-Weekly payroll schedule [pdf]
Monthly payroll schedule [pdf]            

Contact HRIS for training and access for the following pages and reports.

PWRPOPY - Position Payments Report

PEIJTOT - View only page with Position payments by fiscal or calendar year

PWRLABDLabor Distribution of Salary & Benefit expenses

NWRPINC - Position Incumbent Report

NWRSALD - Salary Expenses & Encumbrances charge to Dept Budget

Financial Services establishes PCC financial business processes and policies which are documented on the PCC Intranet. 
Refer to the specific department web pages for more specific information. 

Banner Finance Training includes the following;

Banner Finance Worksheet - A list of frequently used Banner Finance pages and reports.

Banner Finance Training Overview Details - An overview of Finance processes, procedures, and information.

Banner Documentation - A resource for using most Banner pages and reports.

Banner Finance Documentation - A specific list of resources for using Banner Finance pages and reports.

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