PCC uses the "G Number" as the identifying ID number for students.

Most of the time, when you need to look up information about a student in Banner, you need their G Number. But how do you get the G Number if you don't know it?

Many Banner-users use the page called SPAIDEN to look up a G Number, Once they have the G #, they can then stay in SPAIDEN to look up the person's address, phone number, DOB and other pieces of identifying information.

Below are details about ways you can look up a G Number. 


  1. Type SPAIDEN into the banner search box and press enter.

  2. Your cursor will land in the "ID" field, waiting for you to type in the G number. This is where you would type in the G Number if you knew it. But if you don't, here are some options:

Option 1: If you know the person's Name

In this case their name is D$%##a S^@#@@n.

You can also look up a person's G Number by name in SPAIDEN.

First, make sure the ID field is blank. If it isn't, remove the old ID by using the BackSpace or Delete key on your keyboard.  Then push the tab key on your keyboard.  This will open up a name field where you can type in the exact name of the person.  

Then, type in the person's name in this format: Last Name, First Name.  (last name comma space first name - spelled exactly as their legal name in Banner)

Next, press Enter on the keyboard. Do not click the Go  button.  If there is only one result, the person's G number and name will auto-fill.  Then click on Go to get into SPAIDEN.

If the result is more than one person, you will see this screen:

I happen to know the town this person lives in and can use that to narrow the search.

Here I have entered their city and will press the search icon.

This will reduce the search to those who only live in that city.

Press the button that says, "Press To See Results."

Click the OK button.  

It will take you back to the SPAIDEN search screen.

Press "Go," and it will take you to this person's SPAIDEN screen.

Option 2: If you know parts of the person's name: Alternate ID Search.

The Alternate ID Search is another way to look up a G Number.

This will create a search options menu like the one below.  Click on "Alternate ID Search."

Once you click on "Alternate ID Search you will get this menu.  There are now two searches users can execute. 

If you know how to spell the name, or have other info–you can use "Basic Filter" search that looks like this:

If you don't know how to spell the name of only have partial information for the user, then use the "Advanced Filter."

The "Advanced Filter" looks like this:

Since I know the first name already, I can use the "Equals" search term.  The first name I am looking for is "Max." Their last name is Macias.

Now I can insert the last name field.  I am not sure how to spell the name.  Some one has verbally told me to look up "Max MAHSEEUS" (phonetic spelling).  I know how to spell Max easily, but the last name--I am not sure about.  So, I will show you how you can search with only a partial name.  I 

So, I will now repeat the process above, but choose the "Last Name" search field.  However, I am not sure how to spell MAHSEEUS.  I think it may begin with MA, so I start there.

Press "Go."

You will get a results screen similar to this:

Now, double click on the name you want.  It will pre-load the "G" number in the SPAIDEN search screen.  You can now press "Go" and it will take you to their record.

Option 3: If You Know the Person's PCC Email Address or Phone Number

The Banner page GUISRCH is another way to look up a G Number. It can be used if you know the person's PCC email address or their phone number.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type GUISRCH, then press Enter on your keyboard.
  2. In the fields provided, type in any information you know  about the person.
    • Email Address; or
    • Phone Number; or
    • Alternate ID

Here I am using the email mmacias@pcc.edu.  

Press the "Go" button on the right.  You will arrive at the search results page like below.

Now you can copy the "G" number from the left column.  Go back to SPAIDEN and do a search with their "G" number.