On 12/7/18 we're upgraded Banner.  

CHROME USERS may need to clear cache before first login after this upgrade.

This upgrade is mostly technical but there is a change you'll notice on the main menu page, which is called "Application Navigator".    No other Banner pages are changing with this upgrade.


IconNameMoving toFunctional change


Moving to the left

No functional change

Recently OpenedMoving to the leftNo functional change

HelpMoving to the leftNo functional change

Sign OutMoving to the leftNo functional change

Your identityMoving to the leftNo functional change

Toggle menuNot movingOpens the left side menu bar

DashboardNew iconDisplays the main menu

ApplicationsNew iconDisplays Banner and My Banner



  1. Thanks. I was just on Banner Test and something felt a little different. Worked as expected though.

  2. These screenshots are outdated as of the most recent Banner 9 upgrade. Are there plans to update this page soon? Thanks