FWIDETL is the Document Detail Summary related to FGITRND (Transaction Detail Activity) and FGIBDSR (Executive Budget Summary) 

  1. Login to MyPCC

  2. Go to the Employee Tab

  3. On the left click the link to PCC Reporting

  4. Choose Run Argos Reports, Argos Web Viewer

  5. Search for FWIDETL in the search field OR open the folders General and Finance

  6. You can also create a Shortcut to find it quickly the next time (click here for instructions)

  7. Select the Fund, Organization (Roll-ups are optional) Account and Program.

  8. Click on Run on the far right side of the Argos page.

  9. The top section is FGITRND, the Detail Transaction Activity.

  10. The lower section is the FWIDETL, the Document Detail Summary related to any of the FGITRND transactions that have a number in the # column. 

    NOTE: Not all lines of data in FGITRND have corresponding descriptions in FWIDETL. For example, Imprest Cash transactions have no descriptions at the FWIDETL level therefore 0 is in the # column for those transactions. This has not changed from Banner 8.

  11. You can Order Columns to make your search simpler by opening the small gear icon located in the right bottom corner of section in FGITRND. Click on 'Order Columns' then drag and drop the column headings up into the order that is relevant.


  • Fund Code
  • Orgn Code
  • Acct Code
  • Prog Code
  • Trans Amt
  • Transaction Description
  • Document #
  • #

You can also Order Columns in FWIDETL as well.

Downloading to Excel or Printing a PDF Report

Downloading all or a selection into an Excel Spreadsheet:

Open the small gear icon located in the right bottom corner of section and click on Export All or Export Selected to CSV

Printing the entire report as a PDF of CSV:

At the top part of the entire screen you'll see the drop down menu named 'Reports'

To create a PDF, select Document Detail (FWIDETL) Report

To create an excel spreadsheet, select Document Detail (FWIDETL) CSV

Questions?  Please call the Help Desk at 971.722.4400 or eMail to helpdesk@pcc.edu