GWILOOK is a User Profile report. 

  1. Login to MyPCC

  2. Go to the Employee Tab

  3. On the left click the link to PCC Reporting

  4. Choose Run Argos Reports, Argos Web Viewer

  5. Search for GWILOOK in the search field OR
    1. open the folders, General > Person Information > Person Summary

  6. You can also create a Shortcut to find it quickly the next time (click here for instructions)

  7. GWILOOK displays in the search results - Click on it

  8. GWILOOK screen displays. 
  9. Enter a last name, MyPCC or Banner username, portal name, first name or G# then click the RUN button to view information - First name is optional - Use the % as the wildcard for any unknown characters
  10. Search results display; 

    ID, Name, SSN last four, Birth Date (Day/Month), Employee Status, Faculty Status, Student Level, Student Status, Hold Status, Term status, Portal name, MyPCC status, Phone, Address

  11. For additional information, click on  
    1. General Info tab for email address, phone, MyPCC last accessed date, Month/Day of birth, MyPCC username
    2. Address tab for current mailing address and also Mailing (MA), Vendor Payment (VP) and Campus (CA) types
    3. Employee Info tab to view employee history 
    4. Student Info tab for Academic and Registration history


Searching in GWILOOK is not case sensitive.

Use % for wildcard

First name is optional

Questions?  Please call the Help Desk at 971.722.4400 or eMail to