GWIPORT is the User Profile report. 

  1. Login to MyPCC

  2. Go to the Employee Tab

  3. On the left click the link to PCC Reporting

  4. Choose Run Argos Reports, Argos Web Viewer

  5. In the Search bar type GWIPORT, and press Search

  6. GWIPORT displays in the search results. Click on it

  7. GWIPORT screen displays. Enter a G# or MyPCC username, then click the RUN button to view information — or click SEARCH to search for the information (see instructions below)

  8. User Profile information displays

  9. The MyPCC Queue tab lists recent Banner processing history - an indicator of how quickly changes made in Banner will appear in other systems such as MyPCC login, Self Service password reset, and Google


Searching in GWIPORT is not case sensitive.

Use % for wildcard

First name is optional

  1. From the Main tab, click the SEARCH button

  2. In the "Last name / MyPCC Login" field type the last name

  3. Optional: In the "First name" field type the first name

  4. Click the SEARCH button

  5. Matching records display below in alphabetical order

  6. Optional: Change the sort order by clicking on the field heading such as "Middle name" or "Birth Date"

  7. Click on the record you wish to select, then click the Main tab at the top left of the screen

  8. The Main Tab displays with the selected G# entered. Click the RUN button

Questions?  Please call the Help Desk at 971.722.4400 or eMail to