PWAELVE is combined with PEALEAV to report employee leave balances.  

  1. Login to MyPCC

  2. Go to the Employee Tab

  3. On the left click the link to PCC Reporting

  4. Choose Run Argos Reports, Argos Web Viewer

  5. In the Search bar type PWAELVE, or Leave Balances and press Search

  6. You can also create a Shortcut to find it quickly the next time (click here for instructions)

  7. Leave Balances Dashboard displays in the search results. Click on it and the data displays

  8. Note: Argos reports both PWAELVE and PEALEAV leave balance data
    1. The default is set to "Check to select all employee classes" 
    2. To view specific employee classes (classifications) uncheck the box
    3. Select Leave Code or hold down Shift and click one or more rows
    4. Select the Organization Code or hold down Shift and click one or more rows
  9. Click on Run Query
  10. To download a CSV file, 
    1. Click on Reports > Leave Balances csv 
    2. Click on Run

Click image to expand.

Click image to expand.

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