Filtering replaces the Query feature of Banner 8.

You can filter data in a section if there is an active Filter icon in the section header.

Use the following steps to filter data in a section.

1. Click the active Filter (F7) icon for the section.

2. Choose the field you want to filter from the Add Another Field drop down list.



3. Choose an operator from the Contains drop down list. The available operators depend on the type of field (numeric, alphanumeric, date, check box, or other).

The Contains operator is available for alphanumeric and other fields only.

The Between operator includes the values entered. For example, for codes “between” 1 and 5, the values 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are considered. Required fields do not use the Is Null and Is Not Null operators.


4. Enter a value for the field you selected.


5. Optional: If you want to add another field to the filter criteria, choose a field from the Add Another Field dropdown, select an operator, and enter a value for the field that you selected. Repeat this step until all filter criteria are entered.


6. When all filter criteria are entered, click Go (F8) to display the filter results.

The number of records retrieved is displayed at the bottom of the section.

The results for a field can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the field label in the column header.

You can reverse the sort order by clicking the field label.


7. Optional: If you want to perform another filter, click Filter Again.


8. Optional: If you want to close the filter and display all unfiltered records, click the lowercase x in the upper corner of the filter window to close the filter.