You may create a personal menu tied to your Banner user ID. Your personal menu will contain the pages, jobs, menus, and Quickflows that are most important in your daily work. Once the personal menu is created, you may access it from the main menu.


1. From the Application Navigator page, use either the search box in the middle of the screen or the search icon to enter either “My Banner” or “GUAPMNU”.


2. The My Banner maintenance page contains:  

  • Type: A drop down menu located the top of the screen to allow you to choose from Oracle Forms, Job Submissions, Menus, Menu Messages, and Workflows to access all forms needed to customize your My Banner.  

  • Object Type: All available pages, jobs, menus, or quickflows associated with the chosen type selected from the drop down menu.  

  • Buttons: Buttons are used to insert or remove selections from the available list to your My Banner list.  

  • Object Selection: Will display the contents of your personal menu. 

3. To add objects to your personal menu, select the name from the left pane by double clicking it and then use the Insert buttons in the middle of screen to add to the right pane.



4. After each page selection to the right pane, select Save in the bottom right hand corner to retain selections.


5. Shortcut to creating your My Banner list:

  • Beginning with the Object Selection panel (the right panel), select the first open record.

  • This is displayed as a box with a cursor available.

  • Enter the seven character page and arrow down to create the next record.

  • You may enter as many pages as you wish.

  • Remember to select Save before exiting the page.

6. You will have to sign out and sign back in to see changes on your My Banner.