When utilizing the Lookup option you may perform either exact match lookups or partial match lookups when some of the information is unknown. To perform a partial match lookup, you will use a “%” to replace the unknown information. For example, when searching for a student with an incomplete ID number you may enter the known information as L0055%47%.


1. Select the lookup icon (…).


2. Choose the type of search to be completed from the option list.


3. Begin the filter process by selecting the appropriate filter. (i.e. ID, Last Name, etc.)

4. Choose the appropriate operator for the list.

5. Add any additional filters if any additional information is known. Select Go button.

6. You will be provide a list of compatible information and may either highlight the information and use the Select button from the lower right of the form or select Cancel.

7. The selected information will be returned to the calling page.