Banner Combined Population Selection -- SWRUNOF (Unofficial Transcript)

gwrplstSWRUNOF, the unofficial transcript report, can be run for multiple students after following the steps to run a Combined Population Selection. It shows students' grades, degrees/certificates earned, credits earned, GPA, and more.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SWRUNOF, then press Enter.

  2. Click the Go button and then Next Section  icon to get to the "Parameter Values" block.

  3. On the right side of the Parameter Values section, complete the parameter values as shown: 
ParameterWhat To Type

01: Use Population Selection

Type Y for yes (Y in CAPS)

02: Student ID

(Leave this field blank)

03: Address Selection Date

Type in today's date (if it does not already appear).

Example: 02-JAN-2012 for January, 2, 2012

04: Address Priority and Type

Leave default of 1MA

05: Population Selection ID

Type in the name of the Combined Population Selection you created in earlier steps (all CAPS).

06: Population Application CodeType STUDENT in CAPS

07: Population Creator ID

Type in your Banner login in CAPS.

08: Print Control Report

We recommend typing Y so you can view report result details on the last page of the report.

      4. When you have finished entering the parameter values above, click the Next Section  icon. 
      5. Click the Save button on the bottom right of your screen.

          For other saving options and help saving your report parameters for next time, refer to: Saving Your Report Parameters.

       You will see a message at the bottom left of the screen: Look for Printout in yourname_swrunof_99999.lis.

      6. Open Report Viewer to view and/or print your report.