Banner Population Selection

Types of Population Selections:

What is Population Selection?

Population Selection is a Banner process that enables users to run a group of transcripts, mailing labels, student schedules or grade mailers at one time. You can also create a demographic list of a group of students with their G numbers, addresses, phone numbers, emails and more. The group can be defined by certain characteristics you specify, like "all students registered for classes in a given subject" or "all students who have identified themselves with a given ethnicity code."


First: Choose the Population Selection you want to use (see below) then use GLBDATA to define your population, based on the specific characteristics you want. This step must be completed first, before running reports.

Second: Run reports based on your population;

  • Download-friendly demographic list
  • Mailing labels
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Student schedules
  • Earned credits lists
  • Grade mailers

Step 1: Create a Population

To create your population, you have three choices:

  1. Use one of the Common Population Selections that have already been created by the college, if they are applicable to your task. PCC's Common Population Selections were developed initially for special college projects, but they can often be adapted to fit your needs. This is the least cumbersome way to create a population selection. Look on the list linked to above, find one that will fit your project, and click on the title to get directions.

  2. Create a Combined Population Selection, combining two or more population selections together. For example, “All students enrolled during a given term” can be combined with “All students who had a specific academic major.” The resulting new population can then reflect either of the following combinations:
    1. the two populations taken together, without names appearing twice;
    2. the intersection of the two populations: only those who exist in both populations;
    3. only those who appear in the first population but not the second.

  3. Create your own Manual Population Selection. This is generally the most labor-intensive option. You can manually build a list of students who make up the population you want to work with. This population can also be updated, added to, etc. as your population changes. An related alternative to this process, which is often preferable, is to upload G numbers and run reports based on those G numbers.
Step 2: Run Reports Based On Your Population

Step Two involves specifying what you want to “make” with your chosen population; for example, mailing labels, a download-friendly Demographic list, an earned credits list, unofficial transcirpts, student schedules, or grade mailers.

You must follow the links in Step One first, then once you have determined which of the three population selection types you want and you've run the GLBDATA form, you are ready to create reports based on the population you created above. Examples of these reports include: Transcripts, Mailing Labels, Demographic List, Student Schedules.