To better protect Banner against unauthorized access from outside the PCC network we’re introducing Banner Secure Access on June 17, 2019.  

Quick link to: Remote Access Request form

Banner Secure Access Basics

 Q: Why do we need this?

Information in Banner must have highest level of protection.  While we have good control over security on our PCC network, we are obligated to provide extra security when Banner data is moving across outside networks.  Banner Secure Access provides two identity checks for the person logging in.  It is a good idea and it's required by federal law.

 Q: I don't use Banner except for at work. Do I need Banner Secure Access?

Those of you who only access Banner from a PCC campus or center won’t notice a change and you don't need to take any action.

 Q: What is the definition of a PCC campus or center?

If you need to access Banner from a location other than those on the list below, you must use Banner Secure Access starting June 17, 2019

  • Cascade
  • Rock Creek
  • Southeast
  • Sylvania
  • CLIMB Center for Advancement
  • Capitol Park
  • Central Distribution/Bonita
  • Downtown Center
  • Hillsboro Center
  • Newberg Center
  • Portland Metropolitan (PMWTC)
  • Swan Island Trades Center
  • Willow Creek Center
 Q: Does this also include BanWeb, such as submitting timesheets, final grades, or is it just the Banner application itself?

This is only for Banner, not BanWeb.

 Q: How does Banner Secure Access work?

Logging in to Banner from locations other than PCC campuses and centers will use “two factor” authentication, similar to many banks and online shopping sites, where you enter your username, password, and code displayed in an app on your mobile device. 

In June 2019, step by step instructions and links to demonstration videos will be sent to everyone who requests Banner Secure Access.

 Q: What form do people need to complete to request Banner Secure Access?

Managers who use Banner already have access; they do not need to take action.

Others request access to Banner from off campus, by completing the Remote Access Request. NOTE: Be sure to check one of the Banner options - this is how we know you need Banner Secure Access.

 Q: The telecommuting agreement seems to be for faculty, but I'm not faculty. What do I do?

There is not a template form for Classified or other employee types for telecommuting, but the manager can work with their HR Rep to discuss telecommuting options and if approved, to modify the existing template. The following note is at the top of the form:

NOTE:  This form is a template for documenting telecommuting agreements.  It provides information regarding the types of issues that should be discussed and agreed by the supervisor and employee prior to entering into the telecommuting arrangement.  This form was drafted to address faculty assignments and distance learning, but it may be modified for use by other employee groups.  Not all information herein will be applicable to all employees and there may be some relevant information that will need to be added.  If you have any questions about the use of this form, please contact your Human Resources Representative.

 Q: Do I need to complete the Remote Access form if I already have one on file?

Yes, please.  The form now includes questions related to use of Banner from off-campus specifically.

 Q: When can you request Banner Secure Access?

You can request access now by completing the Remote Access Request. NOTE: Be sure to check one of the Banner options - this is how we know you need Banner Secure Access.

 Q: When I need to login using Banner Secure Access, what do I do?

Step by step instructions and links to demonstration videos were sent to everyone who requested Banner Secure Access and all managers who have Banner accounts. (link to instructions)

Information for Managers

Managers will be copied when a member of their team requests Banner Secure Access. Please review this information:

 Q: What form do managers need to complete?

Managers who use Banner already have access; they do not need to take action.  Instructions for how to set up and use Banner Secure Access will be sent to them in early June 2019.

 Q: Can managers request access for their employee?

This is set up so the individual who needs access initiates the request.  They need to complete the form because it asks them to review and accept a confidentiality agreement, specify how they will be using Banner from home, whether a telecommuting agreement is in place, and whether overtime is approved.   Their manager receives a copy of that request. 

 Q: How will a manager know if their employee requests Banner Secure Access?

Please look for email messages with the subject “Remote Access Request: (employee name)” and if you do not approve the request contact Service Desk at 971.722.4400.

 Q: When the manager gets the request what should they do?

The manager should review the form and contact Service Desk if it is NOT approved.  Otherwise, we'll proceed to set up access.

IT Service Desk would be happy to discuss this or any other technology concerns with you.  Contact us at 971.722.4400 or by email to