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Information About Classes

Run a roster or get details about a specific course or a group of courses -- meeting times, prerequisites, waitlist, etc.

Class List (Roster)
  1. SFASLST is a viewable class roster -- a list of students registered for a given CRN.
  2. SWRSLST is a printable class roster.
  3. sf-score-roster is an Ad Hoc roster report which includes the students' placement test scores.
  4. SWRRSTR is a roster which can be downloaded into Excel.  
Course CRN, Meeting Times, Enrollment
  1. SWASECQ provides a way to look up details about a course (including enrollment) based on the class title or other information.
  2. SSASECT gives all details about a given CRN: enrollment, instructor, meeting times, active/cancelled status, waitlist information, and more.
  3. SWRSELD provides a detailed list of classes along with enrollment, instructors, and locations for a department or group of classes.
  1. SWRWLRP provides a list of students who have been automatically moved from "waitlist" status into specified subject area classes during a specified time period.
  2. SSASECT shows waitlist numbers for a single CRN, on the Enrollment tab.
  3. SFASLST lists students who registered or are on the waitlist for a single CRN.
Prerequisites and Restrictions
  1. SSAPREQ shows prerequisites and test score restrictions for a given course.
  2. SSARRES shows any restrictions to registration for a given course.
  3. SWRTRKM and SWRTRKR show whether students registered for a given CRN have met the prerequisite for that course.
Fees and Deadlines
  1. SSADETL shows class fees, degree program attributes, and what department budget (FOAP) is associated with the class.
  2. SSAACCL shows drop deadlines for a given CRN.

Last update 7/2018.