Below is some information for Faculty Department Chairs about Banner forms and reports that provide information about class enrollment, instructor workload, overrides, budget, student grades, classes taken and faculty assessments. Click on the links below for details about how to run each form / report in Banner.


I. Class Details and Enrollment

Banner Name and
Link to Directions
What it Shows
SSASECTShows details about a specific CRN, including enrollment for that CRN.

Shows details about a course or group of courses, based on a title or subject / course number, including enrollment.

Printable list of classes in your department. Includes # of students enrolled in each class. (Recommended: use your department's Attendance Method or Subject Code.)
Dean's Enrollment Report [pdf]"Dean's Enrollment Report" -- shows number enrolled in each class, and FTE generated.   The Dean's Enrollment Report is in Argos not Banner.

Deletion for Non-Payment reports:

1st one: Lists classes and/or students scheduled for deletion for non-payment.
2nd one: Lists classes and/or students deleted for non-payment (after deadline).

See also: Look up Enrollment using BanWeb on MyPCC

II. Instructor Workload

Banner Name and
Link to Directions
What It Shows
SIAASGNShows all CRN's associated with a given instructor, plus instructor's FTE for each class.
SWRFFTEPrintable report showing all CRN's associated with a given instructor and instructor's workload.
NWRINASPrintable report showing how much an instructor will get paid for each class taught (unless special circumstances exist). Requires special permission to access.
PWRLABDPrintable report showing how much an instructor has been paid. (This form requires special permission to access.)

III. Overrides

Banner Name and
Link to Directions
What It Shows
MyPCC Override ProcessAll PCC faculty can override restrictions for students needing to register for their classes using MyPCC. Must be the primary instructor for the class.
SFASRPO Override restrictions to registration for any student and any class. (This form requires special permission to access.)
SPACMNTThis form is for typing in comments after performing an override or otherwise changing a student's record. (Special permission required.)



IV. Budget

Banner Name and
Link to Directions
What It Shows
FGIBDSRShows how much is in your budget for each account, as of today.  (This form requires special permission to access.)

Printable report showing budget summary information.

V. Student Grades, Classes

Banner Name and
Link to Directions
What It Shows
(MyPCC)You can view student grades and classes via MyPCC if the student is in your class.
SHACRSEViewable transcript -- view grades, classes already taken.
SWRUNOFPrintable Unofficial Transcript.
SFAREGQShows all classes student has registered for + instructor for each class, location/time, etc. Does not show grades. Shows one term at a time.



Faculty Assessment and Transcript Audits

These reports can be run by the IAA in your department:

Form Name / Link to DirectionsDescription


Gives you a list of all FT and PT instructors teaching within your Attendance Method and the faculty assessment information on record at HR.
PWRFTATShows full time professional employee transcripts based on their Organization code.
PWRTRAT Shows degrees held by part time faculty associated with a given department Attendance Method. Also shows whether HR has received transcripts from degree-awarding institutions, instructor hire dates, subject areas taught.

Banner Resources Page

Your general resource for Banner help -- details and directions about many more Banner forms and reports relevant to Finance, Student-related operations, HR, Schedule Entry, and more.

Also: HR Assessment Forms and Documentation




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