Creating a MANUAL Population Selection

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Manual Population Selection is a process by which a group of students*, or a “population”, is manually set up in Banner. Using this population, the user can then run transcripts, mailing labels, grade mailers, student schedules, and other processes for the entire group when needed. The user can also make changes to the list as students drop or enter their program or group.

Unlike other Population Selection processes, Manual Population Selection requires the user to manually type in each person’s G number, one person record at a time. For this reason, Manual Population Selection is employed when the other available options, running a Common Population Selection and running a Combined Population Selection, have been exhausted.

A Banner-user might decide to set up a Manual Population Selection if, for example, he or she advises students enrolled in several different programs taking classes in several different academic departments.

There are three steps involved in running a Manual Population Selection --

  1. Naming and Creating Your Manual Population Selection
  2. Building Your Manual Population
  3. Creating "Output Data" (i.e. running transcripts, mailing labels, or other reports for your population) 

Step One: Name and Create Your Manual Population Selection

1. From the Banner Main Menu, type GLRSLCT, then press Enter.

2. In the "Application" field, type STUDENT.

3. In the "Selection ID" field, type in MANUAL, OR give it a unique name, all one word (underscores OK -- see screen shot below).

4. In the "Creator ID" field, type in Your Banner Login in CAPS (if it does not fill in automatically).

5. Click the Go button.

6. In the "Selection Description" field, type in a brief description of your future population selection.

7. Be sure the "Manual" checkbox, located just to the right of the "Selection Description" field, is checked.

8. Click the Save button on the top left of your screen. (The bottom sections of GLRSLCT will remain blank, as in the screen print above.)


Step Two: Build Your Manual Population

You are now ready to specify the person records that make up your population.

1. From the Banner Main Menu, type GLAEXTR, then press Enter.

2. In the "Application" field, type STUDENT.

3. In the "Selection ID" field, type in MANUAL, OR type in the unique name you assigned to this manual population selection in Step One. 

4. In the "Creator ID" and "User ID" fields, your login name should already be present.  

Click the Go button.

You might get a popup window that states, "One or more of the persons on this list has confidential information." Press "OK" and move on.

5. Your cursor should now be in the first line of the "ID" field. Type in the first student's G#, then press the Down Arrow on your keyboard. The name of the first student should automatically be filled in, and your cursor will move to the ID field of the second line. Type the next G# and repeat this process until your list is complete.

Click the Save button occasionally as you are entering names in order to avoid losing your work.

Before exiting, click the Save button one last time.


Step Three: Create "Output Data" (Reports)

Once you have successfully specified your population, you are ready to create reports. Most population selections can be “outputted” to create any or all of the following reports:

For help with this process, contact the TSS Training Team.


* While the vast majority of Pop. Selections are made up of students, a population of employees could also be created.