Deletion for Non-Payment Reports: SWRDNPT and SWRDNPS

Two reports are available for departments to obtain vital information related to the Deletion for Non-payment (DNP) process. Click on the links below for complete details and directions.

SWRDNPT provides information BEFORE the deletion deadline for each term. It can be run the Tuesday prior to the start of term to identify courses where students are subject to deletion. 
SWRDNPSprovides information AFTER the deletion deadline for each term.

Deletion For Non-Payment Banner Forms 

GWIPORT (Argos) Includes Deletion Status details including whether a student is at risk of deletion for non-payment.. (Note: financial status is subject to frequent change)
SFASTCATWAREGH includes information regarding deletion for non-payment if a student has been deleted.
TSICSRVShows a student's account status. Click on "Financial Aid" in the lower section to see financial aid estimates (if you have access).