FAIVNDH - Vendor History Query Screen

With the FAINVDH query screen, you can view the history of a given vendor's transaction activity. Invoice numbers, dates, amounts, check numbers and dates are displayed. You can also query for specific invoice numbers or view the Document Text using the 'Related' drop down menu. Since FAIVNDH includes all transaction activity for a specific vendor for ALL departments, you will not be able to narrow the results down to transactions associated with your department only. Another very useful Banner Form, FWLOOKV, can also display a wide range of transaction documents. Use FGIBDSR to find your specific FOP expenses.

How to use FAIVNDH:

  1. Type FAIVNDH in the Direct Prompt field (Go To ...) then press Enter or Return on the keyboard.
    You can use the tab key on the keyboard or mouse click to navigate from field to field.
  2. Type in the Vendor Code. PCC uses a Vendor Code naming convention with some exceptions when more than one business has similar lettering in their names. Business codes are usually the 1st 3 letters of the 1st business name and the 1st 3 letters of the 2nd business name. (ex: OFFMAX for Office Max). Independent Contractor's codes are usually the 1st 3 letters of the person's last name and the 1st 3 letters of the person's first name. Employee reimbursements utilize the G number.
    1. If you don't know the Vendor Code, click on the 3 dots  located just to the right of the Vendor field and it will place you in the FTIIDEN query screen. In the 'Last Name' field, type in one of the Business names or partial name. Use Sentence capitalization (ex. Budget Rent%). Click on the Go button.
  3. You can leave the Fiscal Year blank for all or enter a 2 digit number for a specific fiscal year.
  4. Use the Related drop-down menu to view additional details about a single transaction.
  5. FWLOOKV is another comprehensive screen to see the history of transactions for a specific vendor with Dates, Doc numbers, Amounts, Payments and Description text. To view more details of any specific transaction, copy down the Invoice number and view it in FWISUMP.