FGIENCD - Detail Encumbrance Activity

The FGIENCD screen is helpful for viewing details about an encumbrance, or activity history on Blanket PO's. FGIENCD is a good screen for answering the question "how much money is left on my Blanket PO?"

FGIENCD is accessible from the "Related" menu of FGIBDST if you first choose "Organizational Encumbrances (FGIOENC)" and then access FGIENCD from the related menu of that screen. You cannot view order details such as Document Text and item descriptions from FGIENCD; refer to FOIDOCH for that level of detail. 


  1. Search for FGIENCD or keywords 'Detail encumbrance'
  2. Enter the PO number in the Encumbrance field.

    If you do not know the document number, look it up in FWLOOKU using the originator's banner username or in FWLOOKV using the Vendor Code.

  3. Click on Go.
  4. View the sections, Encumbrance Detail and Transaction Activity to view the current balance of the PO and a list of Invoices paid against the PO.
  5. To exit FGIENCD, click the X