FGIOENC is helpful if you want to view a list of all Encumbrances associated with your budget. Encumbrances include Blanket PO's and all transactions which have not yet been finalized, such as requisitions which have not yet been approved and assigned a Purchase Order number, orders in which not all item(s) have been received, etc. Using the "Related" menu, you can also view encumbrance detail in the Banner page FGIENCD. This is a good way to determine the available balance of a Blanket PO.



1. From the Banner Main Menu, type FGIOENC, then Press Enter or Return. 

      The default values '1' for "Chart" (Chart of Accounts) and the current Fiscal Year will automatically appear.

2. Type in your Fund and Organization Code.

3. Click the Go button.

A listing of all open Encumbrances for your Fund and Org will display.

4. Scroll through the records using the Scroll Bar to the right, or the Down Arrow on your keyboard.

To view details about a specific transaction:

  • Place your curser on the line associated with the transaction.
  • Click on the ""Related" menu at the top of your screen and choose "Query Detail Encumbrance Info."
  • You will be taken to FGIENCD, where you can view details about the transaction.
  • Click Exit X to return to the FGIOENC screen


To view a list of Encumbrances for one Account only:

FGIOENC is a query screen, so you can narrow your data down to show Encumbrances associated with a specific Account Code

Use the Filter and type in an Account Code (such as 03010 for Office Supplies) in the Acct field.

Press Go

 Click Start Over to return to the top of FGIOENC and start over.

To exit, click on the Exit icon.