The FGRPDTA report is similar to FWRODTA, except it sorts by Program Code when you have more than one Program Code in your Dept.  (For example 21 for Instruction and 24 for Instructional Support.) This report shows Transaction Dates, Document Numbers, Vendor Names or other description, Account Numbers, and Transaction & Encumbrance activity. 

Step-by-Step Procedures:
1.  Type in FGRPDTA and press Go.
2.  Click into the first empty field below the Values heading.
3.  Type in each parameter value under the Values heading.  Optional fields can be left Blank.

01Fiscal Year Enter the Fiscal Year in two digit; for example 18 for FY 2018
02Chart of Accounts1
03From Orgn CodeEnter the beginning Organization Code; for example A40801
04To Orgn CodeEnter the ending Organization Code; for example A40815
05From Fund CodeEnter the beginning Fund Code; for example 1000
06To Fund CodeEnter the ending Fund Code; for example 3250
07From Program CodeEnter the beginning Program Code; for example 21
08To Program CodeEnter the ending Program Code; for example 27
09From Activity CodeLeave Blank
10To Activity CodeLeave Blank
11From Location CodeLeave Blank
12To Location CodeLeave Blank
13From AccountLeave Blank to see all accounts
14To AccountLeave Blank to see all accounts
15From Date (DD-MON-YYYY)Enter the beginning date; for example 01-JUL-2017
16To Date (DD-MON-YYYY)Enter the current date; for example 01-SEP-2018
17Include Accrual for Last PeriodEnter N for No.  Y for Yes if the report is for a prior fiscal year
18Print Orgn TotalEnter Y for Yes
19Commit TypeLeave as U for uncommitted  

4.  Check the Save Parameter Set As box or click on the word Submit in the Submission Block at the bottom of the screen.
5.  Click the Save icon or F10 to generate this report in the Report Viewer.
6.  Go to the Banner Report Viewer and enter your Banner username only.
7.  Leave the Report Name box blank, and click on the Submit button. 
8.  Choose the blue button under LC for a Landscape Compressed pdf format.
9.  You can save it or print it out. The reports will automatically be deleted after approximately a week.

The documentation above is subject to change as Banner is refined and upgraded.