The Banner form FOAUAPP is used by authorized managers to approve or disapprove Requisitions, Direct Pays Invoices, and Budget Transfers in Banner.

NOTE: Managers can approve finance transactions through their manager's page on the Employee Tab in MyPCC.

How to use FOAUAPP

1. Type FOAUAPP and press Enter on your keyboard.

Note: You may be automatically directed to the Approvals Notification screen (FOIANP) when you first log into Banner. In this case, Step 1 will be unnecessary. 

2. The Approvals Notification Screen (FOAIANP) will appear, showing how many Requisitions, Direct Pays (Invoices), and/or Journal Vouchers (Budget Transfers) are awaiting your approval or disapproval.

3. To see the document summary, go to the Related drop-down menu and select Document Summary (FWISUMP).

4. Select the Tab heading for Approve, Disapprove, Detail or Queues.

• Scroll to the line that details the document you wish to approve.  
• Click on the "Approve" icon:  
• Click on OK twice to answer each system message.  
• When you have approved a document, it will disappear from the list.

• Scroll to the line that details the document you wish to disapprove.  
• Click on the "Disapprove" icon. 
• In the window that appears, type your reason for disapproval in the text box where it says "Document is Disapproved" and then click "OK." Your support staff person who originated the document will see this message in the form of an e-mail.                    
• Click on OK a second time in the box that appears ("Document has been disapproved by you").
• When you have disapproved the document, it will disappear from the list.