FOIAPHT is a more efficient page to verify transaction approval history than the former Banner 8 Document Approval History form FOIAPPH. Contact the Financial Services Systems Trainer for more information. 

With FOIAPHT, you can view approval history for transactions and approvers by;

Document Code (requisitions, purchase orders, direct pay invoices, budget transfers and others)

Approver's ID

Approved Date

In the Direct Access prompt, type FOIAPHT and press Enter or click on the Go button.
        Note that the Tab headings can be resorted to help you find groupings of transactions. 

To Search by Document Code:

Enter the document number i.e. R0023456 or P0012345 and press Go.

To Search by Approver:

Click on the 'Add Another Field' drop down list and select Approver's ID.

Enter the banner user name of the manager you are searching for and press Go.
This list is sorted chronologically.
Click on the Approved Date header to resort, starting with the most recent actions. 
Transactions that have been denied are also listed under the Queue ID heading.

To Search by Approved Date:

Click on the 'Add Another Field' drop down list and select Approved Date, then select the date from the calendar.
This will reveal all transaction activity for that date. 

To remove specific searches so you can start over, click on the minus sign next to the fields displayed.

• Important!  You may see a message in the top right-hand corner of the screen that says, "Query cause no records to be retrieved. Re-enter." 
This means you've either typed an incorrect document code, OR no approvals have been completed on this document.

To exit FOIAPHT, click on the Exit button.