The Banner form FOIDOCH enables Banner-users to view details about a Requisition, Purchase Order, Direct Pay Invoice and Check.  It is a good resource for determining whether an Online Requisition has successfully progressed through the necessary stages, what stage of the process a Requisition is currently in, and where it may have gotten stuck along the way.


1.  Type in FOIDOCH, then press Enter (or Return) on your keyboard.

2.  Type in the code for the Document Type and Press Enter

      REQ -Requisition

      PO - Purchase Order

      INV - Invoice


3.  In the Document Code field, type in the Transaction Number of the document you wish to view.

       For example, if your document is a Requisition, the document type is REQ and code is R0039744

      All Travel TAFs are POs but the document code is the TAF number beginning with T.

      If you don't know the Document Code, you can look it up by the originators banner username in FWLOOKU.

4.  Click Go to view details about the document.  


5.  Note the various blocks of data: RequisitionPurchase OrderInvoice, Check etc. 
The FOIDOCH fields that are not described below are not used by PCC for their Finance reporting.

Use the table below as a guide for determining the status of your order.


HeadingIf Your Transaction made it 
through this stage, it will say:
If Your Requisition DID NOT yet make it
through this stage, it will say:
Requisition"A" for Approved, in the Status Field
Anything besides "A" in the Status Field.
Purchase Order"C" for Completed, in the Status Field
"X" for Cancelled, or blank if it has not yet been completed, in the Status Field
Invoice"P" for Paid, in the Status Field
Anything other than "P" for Paid (blank if it has not yet been completed) in the Status Field
CheckA check number will be displayed. The Status Field may say "F" for Final Reconcilliation, or it may be blank.
The check number appears under the word "Check." To view the Check details - go to Related and select Check info
ReceiverA Confirmation Number will appear if the PCC Storeroom has received the item(s). 
Some items are not received by the PCC Storeroom. If you expect it to be and it has not been received, however, no confirmation number will appear.

6.  To view detail about any of the requisition "stages", click anywhere within the section in question (for example, the Requisition section or the Invoice section), go up to the "Related" menu at the top of your screen and choose the second option on the menu. (The Options change depending on which section you are in, but it will always be the second option.)

 For example, if you wish to view details about the Invoice information for this order, place your curser in the Invoice field, go up to the "Related" menu at the top of the screen, and choose the second option, "Invoice Information." Use 'Next Block' as needed to navigate to different screens within the Receiver Information form. Click on  exit icon Exit  to return to the main FOIDOCH screen.

7.  Click the Start Over button to return to the top key block of the FOIDOCH screen and query another transaction.

8.  To exit FOIDOCH, click on  exit icon Exit.