A Requisition is the request to create a Purchase Order that will be used to order goods and/or services from a Vendor. Every approved Requisition becomes a Purchase Order. Requisitions must be used when the amount of the purchase exceeds $2999.99 and when using the Purchase Card is not an option.

Follow the instructions for a Blanket PO (FPAREQN) if you are ordering monthly or quarterly from the same Vendor over the course of a fiscal year.

When the total amount of a purchasing request with one vendor in a fiscal year is collectively greater than $10,000, but does not exceed $150,000, the generating department must obtain a minimum of three competitive quotes as required by the State of Oregon Purchasing Law. Quotes are required at $3000. for Grant funded programs. Refer to Financial Services Purchasing Requirements for important details.

Federal grant-funded expenditures now require Evidence of Competition (3Quotes) for purchases greater than $2000.00

URGENT NOTE 11/26/2018: When entering data on the Commodity Accounting page, be sure to enter 0 in the Tax field. A Purchase Order cannot be created from a Requisition unless 0 is entered into the Tax field by the Requisition Originator. If the Tax field is blank, click in with your mouse and enter 0. See screenshot below in Commodity/Accounting instructions. 

For any discounts that are offered by the Vendor, do not use the Discount field - Add discount detail information in Document Text and Item Texts. Purchase Orders cannot be completed when there is data entered in the Discount field.

Preparation before processing a Requisition:

Preparation before processing a Requisition:

Collect the necessary details that will help you create concise documentation. The Purchasing and Accounts Payable specialists, who process the Purchase Order and pay the vendor, rely on clearly defined information in the Document Text and Item Text of a Requisition. Document Text is viewable only by PCC Banner users, whereas, Item Text is actually printed on the Purchase Order that the Vendor receives.

Before you begin, gather all applicable information related to this purchase. Verify the Vendor information; status, code or other vendor information. Refer to Emailing the Purchasing Department to assist you in communicating with the Purchasing Staff. This preparation will aid in expediting your Requisition and Purchase Order.

  1. Verify the postal and email address information for the vendor and find out if they would prefer to receive the PO as an attachment to an email or have it mailed by USPS. Also, verify where you want to have the materials shipped if other than Central Distribution. If there is any question about delivery, you must contact the Central Distribution Staff and follow their instructions and enter that into the Item Text.
  2. Collect the name and phone number of the Vendor's contact person that Purchasing or A/P can call if there is any question about the transaction. You will type that information into the Document Text of the REQ.
  3. Determine if your Requisition exceeds $9999.99 ($2999.99 for Grant Funded purchases) and is not exempt. If it is, you must obtain a minimum of three (3) competitive quotes (informal competitive process). Requirements for Purchases $10,000 not to exceed $150,000. At least one of the three quotes should be obtained from a Minority/Women/Emerging Small Business firm (COBID). Every department needs to keep the written records of the sources and amounts of quotes received.

    Add the following information to the Document Text, not the Item Text.
    Each Vendor Name
    Contact Person's name, phone number and email address
    The quoted amount for total (not quotes for individual items)
    Add the compelling rationale including the business value to the college that supports the chosen vendor after entering their information.

ATTENTION: Contact the Purchasing Staff (contracts@pcc.edu) if you need any of these policies or procedures clarified. The Requisition must include all required documentation before the PO can be approved. Invoices cannot be received from Vendors for materials/services received before the PO is completed.

Getting Started with a new Requisition.

From the main Banner Menu page, type in FPAREQN and press Enter on your keyboard.

  1. Leave the word NEXT in the Requisition field, then click on Go.              
  2. Your cursor will land in the Order Date field. This date and the Transaction Date are the same and will auto-fill to the current date. Enter an approximate Delivery Date.
  3. Requisitions that are NOT Blankets, must use an approximate delivery date. Do not use the last day of the Fiscal Year as the delivery date.
  4. As of FY18, Financial Services is not accepting Requisitions created using the Copy feature. 

    2 FPAREQN.png

:: Select the Requestor/Delivery Information tab

TAB: 1 Requestor/Delivery Information

NOTE: To move from field-to-field on a given page, use the Tab key on your keyboard rather than using your mouse.

This will allow Banner to auto-fill where necessary. You can still use your mouse to select Tab Headings.

  1. Verify that the default Organization Code is correct. Change it if necessary.
    * Instructions on how to post to more than one FOAP/ORG code is explained at the end of this page.
  2. The 'Ship To:' information defaults to CS PCC Central Distribution. If the shipment(s) is to be made directly to your office or building, click in the 'Ship To' field and change the status to 'A/S' (for As Specified), which you will describe, in detail, later in the 'Item Text'. Most shipments of major assets should be shipped to Central Distribution for asset management and inventory purposes. Consult with the Central Distribution Services staff before selecting an alternate Ship To status.
  3. Press 'Tab' on your keyboard and your cursor will land in the 'Attention To' field near the bottom of the screen. Enter the contact person's name in the department where it will be received. The 'Attention To' details will be printed on the Purchase Order which the Vendor receives. If this is not applicable, leave the default as Portland Community College.

:: Select the next tab heading, 'Vendor Information'

TAB 2: Vendor Information

  1. Enter the Vendor Code in the Vendor field and press Tab on your keyboard. If the Address is correct for mailing the Purchase Order to the vendor, then leave the status as MA. If you need to change it to another address click on the inverted triangle next to the Sequence field and find the address options on the list. Double click on the letters in the appropriate address type field and it will return to the previous page with that information auto-filled. Purchase Orders should indicate an MA Address Type.

    VENDORS: It is imperative that you know which address the vendor is utilizing. If an address is not on the list, email the Purchasing office at vendor.requests@pcc.edu and they will make the change in Banner.

If you do not know the vendor code;Click on the inverted triangle to the right of the Vendor field to perform a search. Use the Last Name field to perform your vendor search, using the % (wild card) symbol as needed. Click on the Execute Query Icon or Press F8 to execute your search query. Verify that the Contact field includes the words W-9 in file.  If it does not, contact the vendor. 

If this is a NEW Vendor;All vendors who do business with PCC must have an updated W9 on file with the Purchasing Department and once that's received, a Vendor Code can be created. The most expedient way to get a Vendor Code is to follow these steps:

  1. Request that the vendor send their completed and signed W9 to you as an email attachment. Faxes are accepted but email attachments are preferred (and are faster in getting results).
  2. Request a New Vendor Code by emailing the Purchasing staff, vendor.requests@pcc.edu, with the W9 attached and the following information typed out in the message.
    1. Full Company Name (include dba if applicable)
    2. Address, City, State, Zip Code
    3. Federal Tax ID number
    4. Name, phone and email of a contact person at that business
  3. Purchasing will enter the data into Banner and send you an email reply with the code.
  4. Click on the next Tab Heading Commodity/Accounting.

:: Select the next tab heading, 'Commodity/Accounting'

TAB 3: Commodity/Accounting

Create only one commodity line item description when you have a lengthy list of individual items. You will enter specific details in the ITEM TEXT.

  1. Do not enter any text in the Commodity field. Tabor or click into the Description field and enter a brief description of the entire order. Do not put specifics here. You will add additional details in the Item Text. 

  2. Press Tab on your keyboard and your cursor will move to the U/M field (Unit of Measure)
    Enter the following:
    Unit of Measure, type EA and press Tab
    Quantity, type 1 and press Tab
    Unit Price, type in the total Blanket Requisition amount.  If the Tax field is blank, click in with your mouse and enter 0.

    URGENT NOTE 11/26/2018: When entering data on the Commodity Accounting page, be sure to enter 0 in the Tax field. A Purchase Order cannot be created from a Requisition unless 0 is entered into the Tax field by the Requisition Originator. 

  3. Use the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate back to the the Description field. 

  4. From there, CLICK ON the RELATED drop-down menu and select the link to Item Text

  5. Type in all additional information that the vendor will need i.e. quantities, manufacturing #, colors, sizes, etc. Also describe shipping details, if applicable. The text you enter into Item Text is the text that is printed on the actual PO which is sent to the Vendor. Also, add a PCC person's name, phone and email address that will be the principle contact for communication purposes, if needed. If there is a customer number or contract number that has been pre-assigned, enter that.

    Item Text and Document Text: Minimum Information needed in Requisition/PO

  6. Click Save, then Exit to return to the Commodity/Accounting screen. Your cursor will land in the Commodity Description field.

  7. Click into the Accounting line with your mouse or click 'Next Section' to move to the lower section of the screen. Enter your FOAP (Fund, Org, Account and Program)

Allocating to more than one FOAP

Continue to use the Tab key on your keyboard until the totals in the "USD" column on the right side of the screen calculate automatically and your cursor returns to the FOAP fields where you started. (Using the Tab key on your keyboard autosaves the data you are entering).

 :: Select the next tab heading, 'Balancing Completion'

Tab 4: Balancing / Completion Information

  1. Now you're at the Completion page, but do not click on the complete icon yet.
  2. Document Text: Go up to the Related click on 'Document Text.'
    Type in line-by-line;- Entered by: Your name and phone number extension
    - Entered for: The person's name who is requesting the Requisition and their phone number extension.
    - Describe the rationale or purpose of this purchase in detail but don't repeat the quantities, costs or other information that you've added in the Item Text. The Document Text is only viewable by internal PCC staff, not the Vendor.
    For events, workshops or presentations, you may need a PSC contract completed and signed by the Vendor. This contract should be reviewed by the Purchasing staff. Email contracts@pcc.edu before sending it to the Vendor. Purchasing will add the Contract number to the Document Text once all the paperwork is received and approved. If you already have the PSC Contract number, add it in Document Text. Also, add the Title of the event, Date,Time, Location, Agenda etc. The rationale documentation should include the college/business purpose (Who, What, When, Where, Why
    Put all information that is pertinent and required for printing on the Purchase Order should be added to the Item Text, not Document Text. 
    For Reqs over $9999.99, add details from Competitive Quotes (see Preparation above)

    - Click Save and Exit to return to the Completion Page.
  3. Document Summary: Go up to Related and click on ‘Document Summary.’
    Examine the text for errors, and if OK, go up to Related and click on ‘Print Summary.’
    Exit and return to the completion page. The print summary is the FWISUMP form.
  4. Go to Tools and select Print. Print 1 copy for the Purchasing Office and print or save a copy for your records. 
  5. Return to the Completion Page.
  6. Complete: Click the Complete button and it will forward to your manager's queue for approval and then to the Purchasing Office for review and approval. If there is any critical information missing, an email will be sent to you for correction. 
  7. Send paperwork to Purchasing DC (make photocopies of your quotes or support documentation.) Keep 1 set for your records. If you forget to print a summary before completing, you can go to FWISUMP to print a copy.

Refer to the Purchasing Office web pages for clarification on required documentation. There may be situations when the Purchasing Office will need to make a "Change Order" and that will be documented in the Document Text of the Purchase Order (not in your original Requisition) When the Requisition is complete and your manager's approval is received, the Purchase Order is created by the Purchasing Office personnel. The REQ and PO have different numbers but have the same documentation unless a change has been made by the Purchasing Office. FOIDOCH or FWLOOKV can be used to look up Requisitions and their corresponding Purchase Orders and also track the progress of these transactions.

  • To track the progress of a Requisition to Purchase Order to Invoice to Check payment use FWLOOKV or FOIDOCH.  Tracking Blanket Purchase Orders
  • To view the Requisition status indicators (whether the Requisition has been Completed, Approved and Closed) or to look up a history of transactions or Vendor Codes, use FWLOOKU. 
  • To print off the Document Summary of any Requisition or Purchase Order, use FWISUMP.

After you receive your materials / services:

Each time you receive goods/services and receive an Vendor Invoice for services from the vendor, follow these steps in order for Accounts Payable (A/P) to expedite the check payment process.

How to authorize an invoice for payment against a Purchase Order

Additional Information

All Requisitions MUST;

Include all required documentation before the Purchase Order can be approved.

Be completed and approved before any materials, supplies or services can be ordered from the vendor.

Become fully executed Purchase Orders before any Invoices or Billing Statements can be received from the Vendor and presented to Accounts Payable for payment.

Requisitions start the PO process for purchases that are;

  • $3000 or above
  • Not able to be purchased with a PCard
  • Blanket POs (delivered and invoiced monthly or quarterly, whether electronic or physical, within in a fiscal year. When Vendors send their invoices, follow these Identify Invoices: guidelines.
  • When a transaction involves a Contract with the vendor above $3000., follow all required steps prior to beginning the Requisition. This includes Professional Services Contracts (consulting, speaking engagements, contracted instruction) and Commercial Contracts. Certificates of Insurance may also be required.
  • $10,000 or above requiring competitive bids

 Contact the the Purchasing Department if you have any questions about when to start a REQ.

 Questions to consider before creating the Requisition:

  • Who is the principle PCC Manager who has delegated authority to spend at the required level(s)?
  • Who are the PCC staff who will be communicating with the Vendor?
  •  Will this purchase require a signed PCC Contract and Review process?
  • Does Purchasing have an active W-9 on file for this Vendor? 
  • What are the Term & Conditions and Purchasing Requirements that must be met before starting the purchasing process?
  • Is the purchase $10,000 or above which requires Evidence of Competition (Bidding Process)?
  • What is the availability, shipping, delivery or will-call procedures for this order?
  • Will this Vendor need to have a Certificate of Insurance (COI) completed for this purchase or project? If yes, you must contact Risk Services before proceeding with the transaction.
  • When considering the method of delivery, installation or maintenance, have you contacted the following?

Central Distribution/Store room (CDS)

Facilities Management Services (FMS)

Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Safety & Risk Services (SRS) / Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Information Technology (IT)

Points to Remember:

  • Always refer to the Requirements for Purchases to understand which preliminary steps must be taken before the start of using Banner to create Requisitions. Purchasing Requirements
  • The term, Vendor, includes Company, Business, Independent Contractor, Contracted Instructor etc.
  • Purchases must be received by the college no later than June 30th for fiscal year accounting. Typically, Invoices billing the college are paid within 30 days or by the end of July.
  • Pre-payments are prohibited.
  • Follow the instructions for a Blanket PO if you will be ordering monthly or quarterly from the same Vendor in the course of a fiscal year.
  • Evidence of Competition ( 3 bids or quotes plus 1 from the the list of Women and Minority Business Enterprises when the total amount of a purchasing request with one vendor in a fiscal year is collectively greater that $10,000, but does not exceed $150,000, the generating department must obtain a minimum of three competitive quotes as required by the State of Oregon Purchasing Law. Quotes are required at $3000. for Grant funded programs.
  • The Finance Division encourages everyone to be good stewards of public funds. It is always a best practice to see the best value for the college.
  • After you receive your materials / services, follow these instructions from Accounts Payable.

Emailing the Purchasing Department to assist you in communicating with the Purchasing Staff.

FWAINVE or FPAREQN: Allocating to more than one FOAP

FWAINVE or FPAREQN: Remove or Edit an incomplete transaction

Item Text and Document Text: Minimum Information needed in Requisition/PO

Other Helpful Hints:

  • Important!  Your department Organization Code should default into the Organization field on the first tab.  Be sure to verify that it is the ORG Code you want and make any changes as needed.

  • If you accidentally type an incorrect FOAP, click on the Delete Record icon and then re-type the correct FOAP.  Do not enter a FOAP with a zero (0) amount.

  • Even after you press Complete, you can still print a Draft Copy in FWISUMP if you forgot earlier.

  • To view a list of your online requisitions (including blankets), refer to FWLOOKU or FWLOOKV.

  • To allow blank spaces between text lines in Item Text or Document Text, type a period (.) and then press the Down Arrow key or click into each line with your mouse.

  • If you need to insert lines between already printed text in Document or Item Text, add your new text on a blank line at the bottom of the page and enter a line number that is between the line numbers of where you want to place the new line of text. Click on Save and Exit and then go back to Related, select Document or Item Text, and you will see the changes you made.