FTMVEND enables Banner users to search for Vendor Codes and view addresses and pertinent information related to that Vendor. You can also go directly to the Query screen FTIIDEN, but it will only help you search for the code, not additional information such as addresses, phone numbers, and whether there is an active, current W-9 on file.


Important! Vendor name, mailing and 'payment remit to' address in Banner FTMVEND must match the vendor name and address on these documents; Honorariums, Contracts, Professional Service Contracts (PSC) and Vendor Invoices.  If they don't, look further for another code that may be current or email vendor.requests@pcc.edu.

Looking up Vendor Codes to verify current records

Type in FTMVEND and press Enter on on the keyboard.

  1. To search, click on the ellipsis  next to the empty Vendor field. Click on Go
  2. This will take you to the FTIIDEN page.

       3.  Use only the Last Name field; type in what you know about the name of the Vendor.

                Use the % as a wildcard before, in between or after any word in the name or acronym

      4.  Click on Go.


       5.  Search the list for the one you're looking for.  Look under the Vendor column to verify whether that vendor is Terminated or Yes for active. 


        6.  Double click on the selected Vendor ID and it will return you to the Vendor maintenance page and allow you to select Tabs for more information.

       7.  On the Address Tab, it defaults to the MA type, the address where Purchase Orders are mailed. 

Use your keyboard down arrow to view other address types such as Vendor Payment, which is the address where checks are mailed.

When creating a Requisition (PO) only use the Address Type MA 

When creating a Direct Pay Invoice only use the Address Type VP 


If you do not find the Vendor you are looking for, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Read the Setting Up New Vendors web page specific to the details needed.
  2. Contact the Vendor and request a new W-9. The Vendor should submit the W-9 to you (the department they are working with).
  3. When you receive the completed W-9, email it to vendor.requests@pcc.edu, along with an explanation of the business purpose for the new vendor account request.
  4. In the Subject Line of your email, start with the words Vendor Code and include vendor name.
  5. If you find the correct Vendor, but the Code is inactive you must request a new W-9 from the vendor.

If name on vendor document does not match vendor name in Banner, request new W-9.

Email W-9 to vendor.requests@pcc.edu,

In the email subject line include: Vendor Update, Vendor Name and Vendor Code.

  • Example: Vendor Update, ABC Company (ABECOM)


If vendor address needs to be updated, send email request to vendor.requests@pcc.edu.

If available, include copy of vendor document with new mailing and payment remit to: address.