Do not create a Direct Pay Invoice from a Vendor Invoice until you have determined whether the Vendor Invoice that you have received is related to an existing Purchase Order/PO or Blanket PO or if it has already been paid with a Purchase Card. 

For help with this process, follow these instructions established by the Accounts Payable department;

Authorizing a Vendor Invoice for Payment and PCC Finance: Invoices and Payments

Maximum limit $2999.99  - This process is used to pay for materials, supplies or services already received or receipts from an authorized employee who has paid out-of-pocket for college materials and needs to be reimbursed.  

Use FWAINVE only to pay for materials, services or supplies described below. Some exceptions may apply. Contact either the Purchasing or Accounts Payable staff for further details.

Direct Pay Invoices;

  • are used for goods/services already received by the college.
  • must be no more than $2999.99.
  • require that you look up the Vendor history in FWLOOKV to see if this payment has already been made or if it is related to an existing Purchase Order contract. 
  • require that you confirm that the Vendor account is active in Banner. See FTMVEND Vendor Maintenance for documentation.
  • are used only if your first preference, to pay with the Purchasing Card (PCard), is not applicable. 
    • Some payments cannot be made with the PCard such as; paying honorariums, reimbursing employees, or subscriptions, memberships, dues and fees from non-profit organizations. If the Direct Pay Invoice payment is for professional services, follow the requirements on the Honorarium page.

Important! Vendor name, mailing and payment remit to address in Banner must match the vendor name and address on vendor documents (Substitute W-9, Honorarium, Contracts, Professional Service Contracts (PSC) and Vendor Invoice)

Starting the Direct Pay Invoice

On the Banner Home page, type in FWAINVE and press Enter or Return on the keyboard.

Page 1: Vendor Code

  • Leave the word NEXT in the Document Number field
  • Type the Vendor code into the Vendor field.
    • If you do not know the code, search for it in FTMVEND.
    • If the Vendor is not Active, refer to the process required for setting up a new vendor or re-establishing a previous one ( or by emailing  
    • If this is a reimbursement to an employee for an authorized college business expense, the Vendor Code is the employee's G number. If the employee has never been reimbursed in this way, email Purchasing or to request activation of their Vendor Code (G number). The employee is required to submit acceptable documentation such as Receipts or Payment Statements indicating that they have made the payment from their personal funds.  
  • Click on the Go button and the Vendor's name will auto-fill.
  • Verify that this is the Vendor you're choosing to pay.
  • Email for additional information related to Vendors and Vendor Codes.

To navigate from page to page within FWAINVE, click on the Next Section down arrow (Left bottom corner) or keyboard shortcut Alt Page Down.

Page 2: Vendor Invoice Information 

  • Enter the Vendor's Invoice date that is printed on the Vendor's Invoice into the Invoice Date field. (For a short-cut, click on the Calendar icon)

  • Leave the transaction and due dates as the current date. To move from field to field, use the tab key on the keyboard (You may also click into the fields with the mouse on this page but you will need to use the keyboard tab key in the next few pages.

  • Verify that the vendor payment (VP) address shown in the address field is consistent with the vendor invoice paperwork. If not, click on the ellipsis ...  next to the Sequence Number field. This will show a list of alternate Address Codes. Double click on the letters 'VP' associated with the correct address and it will autofill and return to the previous page. If there is no address that matches, contact the Vendor and the Purchasing and Contract Services Department (

  • Enter the Vendor Invoice Number into the Vendor Invoice field. This number is printed somewhere on the Vendor's Invoice document. Do not leave the Invoice number field blank. Keep it short, the field has a 15 character limit
  • If the Vendor's Invoice document does not have an Invoice Number, enter the current date or some other relevant reference.
  • If you are reimbursing an employee, type the word REIMB(and today's date) or if this is an Honorarium, type in the word Honor(and today's date) or some other relevant reference. 

To navigate from page to page within FWAINVE, click on the Next Section down arrow (Left bottom corner) or keyboard shortcut Alt Page Down.

Page 3: Description and Approved Amount

  • Leave the first Commodity field blank and Click or tab into the description field.
  • Type in a very brief description of the total purchase. Do not enter specific details. You will enter more details later in the Document Text portion of this transaction.
  • Press the tab key on the keyboard until you get to the Approved field in the Amounts section.
  • In the Approved field, type in the total amount that is printed on the Vendor's Invoice document. For Employee resimbursements, enter the total of itemized receipts.
  • Press the tab key on your keyboard until you're back where you started at the description field.
    NOTE: You will notice that the Invoice Number auto-fills in the Document Field. You can write it down for safekeeping or look up any of your INVs or REQs in FWLOOKU.

To navigate from page to page within FWAINVE, click on the Next Section down arrow (Left bottom corner) or keyboard shortcut Alt Page Down.

Page 4: Accounting Distribution

  • Enter the exact Budget FOAP (Fund, Organization, Account & Program code) that is funding this transaction. Refer to the Banner FAQ Data pageAccounts Payable web site and also the Banner Finance Overview for details concerning FOAPs. If you are allocating to more than one FOAP, follow the instructions at the end of this page. Use the tab key on your keyboard to return to the line where you began. 


Page 5: Balancing Completion

  • You're at the Balancing Completion page, but do not click on the Complete icon yet.
  • Click on the Related menu and select Document Text. 

:: Document Text

  • Click into the first text line and type the following:
    - Entered by: Your name and phone number extension
    - Entered for: The person's name who is requesting that you pay this invoice and their phone number extension. This is optional, particularly if the requester is your supervising manager.
    - Describe the rationale or purpose of this purchase in detail but, since you have the Vendor's Invoice, you won't need to repeat all the details i.e. quantities, costs, order numbers. If this was an event, add the title of event, date, time, location, who attended etc.
    - Invoice Attached or, for reimbursements, Receipts Attached.
              If the transaction involves an event(s); attach meeting agendas, flyers or any literature that explains the rationale (who, what, when, where, why).
    - Click Save and EXIT to return to the Completion Page.
    (The information entered into Document Text is only visible to PCC personnel, not the Vendor)


  • Click on the Complete icon and follow all AODocs instructions. 

Starting July 1, 2020 the Document Summary FWISUMP is no longer required and  departments must use AODocs to submit vendor invoices to Accounts Payable (AP) for payment. AODocs is replacing invoices being sent via email and/or inter-campus mail.  AP staff will process vendor payments (and employee reimbursements) from documents  submitted by departments through AODocs.

Vendor Payments & Employee Reimbursements

Staff contacts


 Allocating the DP Invoice to multiple FOAPs -

  • If you need to allocate to more than one of your department's FOAPs in a FWAINVE follow these steps:
  1. On the Accounting Distribution screen, you will enter the first string of FOAP numbers and then use the Tab key to move down to the Commodity % field and enter the letter P if you are allocating a percentage amount and then the percent #. If you are allocating a specific dollar amount, leave the % field blank and enter the dollar amount in the Accounting field.
  2. Use the Tab key to return to the FOAP fields and use the Down Arrow key on the keyboard. This will add an empty line for you to enter FOAP #2. Tab to the Commodity repeat step 1. Repeat these steps for additional FOAPs making sure the the total equals 100% of the total invoice. If you forget which amount you entered for FOAP #1, go up to the Related Drop Down Menu and click on 'Review Accounting Information' (FOICACT). To return to the accounting screen, press Exit.
  3. Press the Next Section down arrow to move to the Balancing Completion screen. (At the Document Summary screen, be sure to edit for accuracy)

New Vendor Codes or Searching for unknown Vendor Codes - Vendors

If you do not know the vendor code go to FTMVEND.

  1. To search, click on the ellipsis  next to the empty Vendor field. Click on Go
  2. This will take you to the FTIIDEN page.
  3. Use only the Last Name field; type in what you know about the name of the Vendor.
    Use the % as a wildcard before, in between or after any word in the name or acronym.  
  4. Click on Go.
  5. Search the list for the one you're looking for.  Look under the Vendor column to verify whether that vendor is Terminated or Yes for active.
  6. Double click on the selected Vendor ID and it will return you to the Vendor maintenance page and allow you to select Tabs for more information.
  7. On the Address Tab, it defaults to the MA type, the address where Purchase Orders are mailed. Use your keyboard down arrow to view other address types such as VP for Vendor Payment, which is the address where checks are mailed.

If this is a New Vendor;

All vendors who do business with PCC must have an updated W9 on file with the Purchasing Department and once that's received, a Vendor Code can be created. The most expedient way to get a Vendor Code is to follow these steps:

      • Request that the vendor send their completed and signed Substitute Form W-9 [pdf] to you as a pdf attachment in an email. 

      • For new Vendors, set up or changes, send an email to, attaching the Substitute W9 and requesting a new vendor code. Follow all instructions related to Vendors here.  If the new vendor is an authorized employee, send the employee's name and G number with your request in the email. They do not need to submit a W9. 
        Do not add the Vendor's Tax ID or SSN in the email.

      • The purchasing specialist will enter the information into Banner and send you an email reply with the new code.

Deleting an incomplete FWAINVE

To Delete a FWAINVE that has not been completed, open FWAINVE, enter the Invoice number in the Document field and press Go.
If you need to look up the document number, go to FWLOOKU to find it. 

If  you're already in the FWAINVE, navigate to the Invoice/Credit Memo Header page by using the  Next Section arrow 

Then, click on the Delete link  in the top right section of the page and repeat a 2nd time.  You will see notifications pop up that confirm your actions.