FWLOOKU enables Banner users to view a list of all Requisitions or Direct Pay Invoices they have originated. This page is useful for looking up a transaction document number or a vendor code. Copy the Inv or Req number and apply it to FWISUMP to view or print a Document Summary.


Type in FWLOOKU in the Direct Prompt field (Go To ...) then press Enter or Return on the keyboard.


The ID field automatically defaults to the account username. To view other user's activity, click on the Roll Back arrow on the icon bar and enter their 8 character username. Press Enter.


The first Tab lists all the Requisitions the user has processed. The Completed, Approved and Closed indicators will change from N for No to Y for Yes as the transaction moves through the approval and payment process. The Closed and Canceled columns are indicators for the Accounts Payable department. To view a payment history for specific Vendor activity, use FWLOOKV.



The second Tab for Purchase Orders is not utilized by PCC at this time.

The third Tab lists all the Direct Pay Invoices the user has processed.