The FWRBIBR (Budget Detail Biennium with no Accounts 02XXX benefits detail information) is a budget preparation report used primarily to run the Proposed - Adopted Budget phases during preparation of the upcoming Biennium Budget every two years.

We can also run the FWRBIBR report at the start of the new biennium budget period and obtain accurate position budget/funding, account totals and position funding, budgeted FTE, and the current employees in each position information.

NOTICE! One thing to be careful when you run this report. 

When running the FWRBIBR report for FY's 20 & 21, be aware that even though the following information is all correct, the account code budget totals (FY20 & 21) are all ADOPTED Budget totals -- NOT ADJUSTED budget totals.

Data that is loaded in NBAJOBS and NBAPBUD in the FY 21 Adjusted Budget: 
Position funding data 
Budgeted position FTE 
Employees' names 
Employee class
Salary grade

In other words, you will NOT see any of the Campus' or Budget Office budget transfers that have been processed since July 1, 2019 posted in the account budget totals on the FWRBIBR report.

Use the following parameter entries to run the report;

01COAS code1
02First Budget Year19-20
03Second Budget Year20-21
04Phase One


05Phase TwoAdjust
06Fund Code1000(for the General Fund)
07Orgn CodeA406XX
08Public Version (Y/N)N(No if you want to see employee names for each listed position)
09Confidential  (Y/N)N(No if you don't want to see the employees' G0XXXXX  ID numbers)
11Revised Budget PhaseAOPAL1