FWREXPR is a report that is downloadable into a spreadsheet with details about transactions spent out of a budget. Click here for instructions on how to download this report into Word or Excel. The report will show the document numbers, transaction dates, amounts, and some document text explaining the budgeted amount, expense, reservation or encumbrances. Another useful pdf report for similar data is FWRDETS.


  1. Type in FWREXPR in the Direct Prompt (Go To ...) field.
  2. Click the Go button. Click the Next Section  icon or just click, with our mouse, into an empty Values line.
  3. Type in parameter values based on what the Parameter line description is and the Hint Line below the Parameters column. Use the direction arrows (down and up) to navigate from line to line.
  4. When all the Values have been completed, click on the 'Save Parameter Save as' in the lower 'Submission Section' to save this set and then click on the 'Save' button or F10 on a PC keyboard

  5. If you don't need to save the Values, click on the Submit button in the Submission Section and click on the 'Save' button. Most reports do not need a report name. Contact the Training Team if you want to know more about naming your report.

  6.  Go to the 'Report Viewer' to view/print your report. 
    For help with viewing/printing a Banner report from Report Viewer, refer to: Viewing/Printing a Banner Report


Line #Parameter Value & Maximum charactersWhat to Type/Example

01 Required

Fiscal Year - 2 characters15
02 RequiredFund Code - 6 characters (Roll up OK, no wildcard)1000
03 OptionalOrgn Code - 6 characters (Roll up OK, no wildcard)A40801
04 RequiredAcct Code - 6 characters (Roll up OK, no wildcard)03010 or 03
05 OptionalProg Code - 6 characters (Roll up OK, blank for all)21
06 OptionalActivity Code - Do not useblank
07 OptionalLocation Code - Do not useblank
08 OptionalBeginning Date of range within FY - blank for fiscal startblank
09 OptionalEnding Date of range within FY - blank for fiscal endblank
10 RequiredTransaction Type - B for Budget, X for expenses, R for Reservations, E for Encumbrancetypically X, R or E