FWROYTD is most useful for Roll Up Organizations to view their individual Organization budget Information. It's a summary report that displays one row of data per organization. If you need line item account information, use FWRSUMO. Data includes Budget Amounts, YTD Expenditures, Balances, Percent Expended, Encumbrances, and Unencumbered balance. This report is helpful for checking the percentage of what you've spent year-to-date compared to your adjusted yearly budget.
Step-by-Step Procedures:

  1. From the Direct Access prompt, type FWROYTD and press Enter.
  2. Click the Go button.
  3. Click into the first Values field with the mouse or click Next Section  to get to the parameter values.

3. Type in each parameter value.  See example below.

 ParametersOpt. or RequiredValues
01Fiscal YearREnter the two-digit Fiscal Year, such as 13 for FY 2013.
02Fiscal PeriodREnter the two-digit Fiscal Period (01=July, 02=Aug, 03=Sept, etc...) or 14 for all periods of the fiscal year.
03Fund CodeREnter the Fund Code, such as 1000 for the General Fund. 
04Organization CodeOEnter the Organization Code, such as C30401 or S20100.  Enter a partial Orgn. code, such as C304 for a 'roll up' or 'summary' report.  Blank for all org codes. No wildcard (%) needed.
05Account CodeOEnter the Account Code.  0 is the Default.  Enter a partial Account Code such as 03 for all Material and Supplies accounts.  Blank for all account codes. No wildcard (%) needed.
06Program CodeOEnter the Program Code.  0 is the Default.  Blank for all program codes. No wildcard (%) needed.

4. To save the Parameter Values, check the "Save Parameter Save As" box with your mouse. If not, just click Next Block to go to the Submission Block at the bottom of the screen.

5. Then, click the Save button. This generates your report and sends it to the Banner Report Viewer.

6. Go to the Banner Report Viewer (Intranet or Banner Login Page).  Type in your Banner username. No report name or password is required.

7. Leave the Report Name box blank, and click the submit button.

8. Click on the blue button under the "LC" column for your landscape compressed pdf report.