FWRREQU is a helpful report for monitoring the status of Requisitions associated with a given Banner-user. This pdf report shows details about all Requisitions created by a particular Banner-user over a specified period of time.

Details include:

  • requisition numbers
  • dates
  • vendor name
  • whether the document was completed and approved
  • approval date
  • PO number, PO approval date, PO print date
  • PO comments


  1. From the main Banner Menu page, type FWRREQU, then press Enter.
  2. Click the Go button.
  3. Click Next Section  or click into the first empty field under the Values heading.
  4. Type in each parameter value.
  5. When you have entered the Parameter Values, click into Submission Section and check the box next to 'Save Parameter Set As.'
  6. Click Save. This generates the report and sends it to the Banner Report Viewer.
  7. Open to view and/or print your report.
  8. To exit FWRREQU, click on the Exit icon.
 ParameterOptional or RequiredValues
01Banner User Account


Banner username
02Beginning Date


Enter the starting date range for the list of requisitions. Recommendation: Enter beginning date of fiscal year;
03Orgn Code


Enter the ending date range for the list of requisitions. Recommendation: Enter ending date of fiscal year;