The FWRSUMA is a report of budget totals and expenses for a Fund, Organization, Accounts and Program (FOAP).  The FWRSUMA is primarily used for specific Organization budget activity but can also report roll-up totals. The report lists Adopted Budget, Current Year Adjustments, Adjusted Budget, Current Period Activity, Year-to-Date Activity, Budget Reservations and Available Balance for each line item account code. The report summary calculates Personnel/Labor, Non-Personnel Expenses and Combined Expense Totals.


  1. From the main Banner Menu page, type FWRSUMA and press Enter.
  2. Click the Go button.
  3. Click into Line 1 under the Values section and type in your parameter values. 
  4. You can use your keyboard down and up arrows to navigate from line to line or click into each line using the mouse.
  5. Refer to the Hint line under the Parameter section related to each line of data.
  6. The hint line will indicate whether data is Required or Optional for each line. See the examples below.

#Parameter ValueWhat to TypeExamples
01Fiscal YearEnter the 2 digit Fiscal Year20 for Fiscal Year 2020
02Chart of AccountsLeave as the default of 1Chart of Accounts is always 1
03Fund CodeEnter the Fund Code1000 for the General Fund or other...
04Organization CodeEnter the Organization Code

A40901 for the EWL division at Sylvania

or A409 for a total of all expenses of all departments in the EWL division (accumulative)

05Account CodeRecommend leaving this BLANK for all accountsLeave Blank
06Program CodeEnter the Program Code or leave blankLeave Blank or enter specific Program Code
07Activity CodeLEAVE BLANKLeave Blank
08Location CodeLEAVE BLANKLeave Blank
09Period Date

Today's Date for the current fiscal year or to run for previous fiscal years.

A shortcut to fill in today's date > On line 9 where the date is highlighted, click on any alpha character key and then the Enter or Return key on your keyboard and the result will auto-fill the current date.

NOTE: If you are running year-end reports, you must change the Period Date to the end date of the fiscal year and also change the Fiscal Year on line 1. 


Line 1:  18   

Line 9:  30-JUN-2018


When all the Values have been completed, click on the 'Save Parameter Save as' in the lower 'Submission Section' to save this set and then click on the 'Save' button. If you don't need to save the Values, click on the Submit button in the Submission Section and click on the 'Save' button. Most reports do not need a report name. Contact the Training Team if you want to know more about naming your report.

Go to the 'Report Viewer' to view/print your report.
For help with viewing/printing a Banner report from Report Viewer, refer to: Viewing/Printing a Banner Report.

What a FWRSUMA report looks like;

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  1. For line 9, if you are running year-end reports, you must make the date of the ending date of the fiscal year and match the year on line 1. 


    Line 1:  18   

    Line 9:  30-JUN-2018