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Q. When will Banner 9 be ready for general use?
A. Banner 9 went live on June 1, 2018.  Banner 8 will be discontinued on September 1, 2018

Q: When will Banner be down?
A: Banner will be down for the summer upgrade from 6:00 pm on Friday August 31 through Saturday September 1, 2018

Q: What changed with the upgrade to Banner 9?

A: There are design changes - a modern look and feel - as well as functional changes to the way you will navigate in Banner.  Other key changes:

  • Banner accessed from will be upgraded from version 8 to version 9.  We call this Banner Admin
  • Banweb - those screens we see inside MyPCC - is not impacted by this project (but there is an upgrade for it on the horizon) Banweb is being renamed Self Service
  • A few Banner pages are moving to Argos (see question below)

Q: What did not change about Banner with the upgrade to version 9? 
A: There's plenty about Banner that did not change such as..

  • When you create reports, you will continue to use the Banner Report Viewer
  • Self-Service (BanWeb) - where instructors submit grades, students register, and many employees submit time sheets is not changing as part of this upgrade
  • Your access to Banner pages will not change
  • The names of Banner pages (such as SPAIDEN and FOIDOCH) are not changing
  • The login page remains in the same location in Intranet and links from MyPCC to Banner are unchanged
  • Off-campus access to Banner will still need to go through MyPCC or VPN
  • Training for brand new users of Banner is still required and must be authorized by a manager

Q: Are any of the screens I use going away?
A: A few screens moved to a different application - Argos - that is a better tool for displaying data, including:

Q: How will I get access to the new Argos screens I used to have in Banner?
A: If you use any of the pages listed above in Banner regularly, please sign up for online Argos training by sending eMail to

Q: Is Argos training required?
A: If you don't currently have an Argos account, completing one of the training sessions is required.

Q: I'm not sure if I use one of those Argos pages in Banner.  How can I find out?
A: We will contacted everyone affected by this change, who used one of these screens in Banner previously, to let them know about this change and training requirements.

Q: Will there be training?
A: In person training for Banner 9 concluded but you have these options

Q: Will I still have to use Internet Explorer or Safari because of Java?
A: You no longer have to use specific browsers to work in Banner 

Q: I use Image Now with Banner. Is there anything I need to know?
A: Image Now has application plans specific to Banner 9 - read all about it on the Banner 9-Image Now page

Q: Who is on the planning team?
A: Planning team members are Hank Schottland, Mike Arnold, Julie Kinney, Samantha Hopf, Jody Potter, and Angela McMahon