The directions below summarize how to use the Banner page GLBDATA to begin the process of running a Population Selection in Banner.

Please Note: This is a guide for users who are already familiar with the Population Selection process. For users new to (or less familiar with) this process, please refer to the Population Selection Overview page.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type GLBDATA, then press Enter.

  2. Click the Go button.
  3. Click the Next Section  icon, then complete the parameters as shown below.

    • OR, you can just click with your mouse in the third section, "Parameter Values."


What to Type


01 Selection Identifier 1

The name of the Population Selection you are using. (This depends on which type of population selection you are running)


02 Selection Identifier 2

Leave Parameters 02 – 05 blank
unless you are running a Combined Population Selection.

03 New Selection Identifier

04 Description for New Selection

05 Union/Intersect/Minus

06 Application Code

The name of the Banner module your Population Selection is part of

Example: STUDENT

07 Creator ID for Selection ID

(This depends on which type of population selection you are running)

Example: COMMON

08 Detail Execution Report

We suggest leaving this blank



  1. After completing the parameter entries above, click Next Section icon, then click Save button.
  1. Complete the additional "dynamic" parameters (Parameter #88) that appear. The parameters that appear depend on the population selection you are running. For example, you may be asked to type in the current term or a major code.
  2. Click Next Section, then click Save. The program will conclude by displaying a message at the bottom of the screen: Look for Printout in yourname_glbdata_99999.lis.


  1. Open Report Viewer and view your report.

    A summary of your population selection will be displayed, which will look something like this:  

QUERY                DESCRIPTION                SELECTED
[Name of Pop Selection] Description of Report 236


If the number of people selected reads “0”, your population selection was unsuccessful. Go back to GLBDATA and re-enter your parameters, carefully following the above directions.

Step 2: Create Reports Based On Your Population

Once you have successfully specified your population, you are ready to create reports based on the population you created above. Examples of these reports include: Transcripts, Mailing Labels, Demographic List, Student Schedules.

For more information, please refer to the Population Selection Overview page.