We use GOAEACC to look see if someone has a banner account already.

We also use GOAEACC to reactivate inactive banner accounts that have been disabled due to lack of use.

Here is how we check to see if someone already has a banner account, or if that banner username is already being used.

From the banner main screen type GOAEACC into the search box.  Press enter.

You will then arrive at this screen which lists banner usernames, ID numbers and individual's names.

Click the Filter button towards the upper right–it looks like this:  Filter.

To see of there is a banner record for this G number first search the G number and then the Username.  We want to make sure the username has not been created before we create a banner record.   

If there are no records, then you will get this message: 

If there is a record, then the account associated with the G number or username will be displayed like this.

If you want to look up another username or G number, then click the "Filter Again" button on the right side of the screen.