Managing Jobs with GWAJOBQ

GWAJOBQ is used to verify the status of reports requested through Banner (job submissions).  GWAJOBQ displays all of your jobs that are active in the system. 

You can also query in this form to display only a particular type of report, including job submissions requested by other Banner users. 

  1. From the Banner "Go To..." prompt, enter the form name GWAJOBQ and press Enter
  2. When GWAJOBQ opens, your recent history of job submissions will be displayed.



Querying GWAJOBQ


      1. To query for a specific type of report, press Enter Query to clear the screen
      2. Type the name of the report in the Job_Name column (for example, SWRDENR); additional query parameters, such as the User-Id can also be added.
      3. Press Execute Query to begin the search. Only Jobs matching the search item you entered will be displayed.  

Cancel a job in Waiting status 

      1. Position the cursor on the Job you wish to cancel
      2. Select Cancel WAITING Job from the Options menu


      3. Click Yes when asked "Do you wish to cancel this Waiting request?"

      4.  The Status of the job will change to Cancel.