List of Banner Reports by Category
Listed in order of Report Name

Student Information:

TitleReport Name / InstructionsWhat the Report Shows
Unofficial TranscriptSWRUNOF Detailed Instructions Student transcript: shows all transcriptable courses taken by student, calculates GPA and credit hours.
Student Class ScheduleSFRSCHDStudent's class schedule for a given term.
Academic Standing ListSWRASLSLists students based on a given academic standing code (Acad. Probation, Good Standing, etc.).
Prerequisite Fulfillment by CRNSWRTRKRFor a given CRN, lists students and whether they have fulfilled prerequisites for that class. Also shows placement test scores.
Potential Unsatisfied PrerequisitesSWRPRCKFlags students who have enrolled in a given course but may not have satisfied prerequisites.
Student Course & Attribute SummarySWRSCASAllowadvisors to determine degree/certificate requirements met based on courses taken. Shows all courses taken by student (including current term, "in progress" courses) plus course attribute codes associated with courses.
Course Information / Management:

Course RosterSWRSLST Detailed InstructionsLists students registered in a given course (CRN).
Downloadable Course RostersSWRRSTR Detailed InstructionsDownloadable version of above.
Class Enrollment Report by Location/Date ("Building Use")SWRSELD Detailed InstructionsLists all courses associated with a given Attendance Method (or other parameter) for a given term. Shows building/room location, time, instructor, enrollment for each class.
Waitlist Conversion ReportSWRWLRPLists students automatically moved from waitlist status into specified subject area classes, from a date you specify to the present.
Addendum to Printed ScheduleSWRADENLists all classes cancelled, added, updated, or filled since PCC term Schedule was printed.
No Grade ListingSWRNOGRFlags which classes (crn's) have no grades submitted; also flags "in progress" grades.
Grade Distribution by CourseSWRGDCRLists the distribution of grades by subject and CRN. Divides results into four categories: Successful completers, unsuccessful completers, non-completers.

Enrollment Reports:

Dean's Enrollment Report
Dean's Report (In Argos) Detailed Instructions
Shows term FTE and enrollment by class, with totals
Course Distribution ReportSWRCRSD Lists avg. enrollment and # of CRN's offered for each course, based on day, time of day course was offered. Compares several terms of course offerings and their avg. enrollment
FTE / Headcount / EnrollmentSWRFTHDShows enrollment (seats taken), headcount, and FTE totals for a given term and group of classes
Extract FTE / Headcount / EnrollmentSWRFTEX Extract version of above report. Shows either Week 4 or End-of-Term totals
Class Enrollment Report by Location/DateSWRSELDLists all courses associated with a given Attendance Method for a given term (among other options). Shows building/room location, time, instructor, enrollment for each class (No Totals)

Faculty Workload Management:

Faculty Assignment Notification (FAN)
SWRASGQRuns required "FAN" letters, mailed to department instructors to confirm instructor assignment and pay for upcoming term
Course Workload by InstructorSWRFFTEShows instructor workload for a specified term and attendance method, including override and faculty release workload. Includes CRN's, Subj's/Courses, and instructor types associated with each instructor.
Workload Report by Campus, Course Number, and CRNSWRIFTESame as above, but sorted by Campus, Course Number, and CRN.

Population Selection:

Overview of Population SelectionPop Sel OverviewClick on the link at left for an overview of the Population Selection process and links to "output" options.
Common Population SelectionsCommon Pop SelsClick on the link at left for a list of available Common Population Selections
Combining PopulationsCombining Pop SelsClick on the link at left for directions on combining Population Selections.
Manual Population SelectionManual Pop SelsClick on the link at left for directions on setting up a Manual Population Selection, with links to "output" options.

Student Account Management:
Exemption students with F/ASWREXFA - List of Students by Tuition Exemption CodeShows students who fall under a given tuition/fee exemption code -- applies to Fin. Aid and programs which cover student tuition/fees 

Miscellaneous Reports:
Unduplicated Mailing LabelsSWRUESL Creates mailing labels for a given group of CRNs.