Logging into Banner 9 is a little different than Banner 8.  Banner 9 is part of our “single sign on” (SSO) system so your login & password are the same as for MyPCC.  If you are already logged into MyPCC you may not be prompted to enter a password

What browser should I use?

Generally, we encourage you to use Internet Explorer (IE).  Some Banner screens need to display in "old" Banner (version 8) so they require IE and Java.  Today, 5/8/18 the Banner 8 screens are not working.

Are there exceptions to the above?

Of course.  If you happen to have Firefox ESR or Safari with the IE emulator, those work with Java too

What about my “Banner” password?

When logging in to Banner 8 - old Banner - you are asked for your Oracle username and password.  You should remember this password for a few special circumstances listed below

First time you login: You may need to enter your Oracle username and password just once, the first time you login to Banner 9 PROD.

I forgot my Oracle username and/or password - how can I get it?

Call Help Desk at 971.722.4400 to reset your Banner Oracle PROD password


Using Image Now
Use application plans labeled Banner 9 - see details

Bookmarks and Favorites
Each time you go to the Banner 9 login page a one-time-use session code is created and added as part of the web address. If you create a bookmark that includes the session code, login will fail next time you use the bookmark because the session code has expired. Instead, right click on the bookmark or favorite and choose "Edit" then change the URL for the bookmark to http://intranet.pcc.edu/banner/login/index-updated.htm

Java Errors
You may need update your Java security settings.  Call the Help Desk at 4400 for assistance

I type in a Banner screen name but nothing happens
Some Banner screens have not yet been upgraded to Banner 9.  These screens need to display in "old" Banner (version 8) so they require IE and Java.  Try logging in to Banner 9 in Internet Explorer to use these forms.

Banner 9 Timeout
When you have not been active in Banner 9 for three hours, you will see a prompt warning you are about to “timeout”.  Click on the prompt to extend your session or do not click to allow the timeout to disconnect your session.

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