NBAPOSN is the main Banner page for viewing details about a given position. When a position (job) is created by PCC Human Resources, NBAPOSN is the page used to define the position -- the position's title, class, salary level (grade), pay range, supervisor's position number, and more.

You must first know the Position Number in order to view information in NBAPOSN. Use NBIPORG or NBAJOBS to look this up beforehand, if needed.

When viewing information about a position in NBAPOSN, it is important to remember that it is the position that is being specified (for example, "FT Faculty for the Sylvania Math Department") and not a specific employee's job. There may be extenuating circumstances when the position is associated with a specific employee, such as who is funding the job or how much the employee is being paid.

For training and access to this page, contact the IT Training Team.


1.  From the Banner Main Menu, type NBAPOSN, then press Enter.

2.  Type in the Position Number.

3.  Click the Go button view position details.

4.  Click the Start Over button to return to the top of the screen and look up another Position Number.

Additional pages and details can be accessed by clicking on the "Related" menu at the top right of your screen.