The Banner page NBIPINC, also known as the "Position Incumbent List," provides a list of all employees who have held a particular position (job) at PCC. For example, one can obtain a list of all employees, past and current, who have held the SE Campus Dean of Instruction position.


Before accessing NBIPINC, it is recommended that you first get the position number for the position you want by using the Banner page NBIPORG. However, it is possible to perform a search for a position number within NBIPINC, following the search steps described in Step 2 in the directions below.

NBIPINC is especially helpful for looking up a list of all current casual employees associated with a specific pooled position number. You can even change the Query Date to see who has worked a given position during prior years.

For training and access to this page, contact the IT Training Team.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu page, type NBIPINC, then press Enter.

  2. Type in the Position Number for the position you want.

  • If you do not know the position number, use the Banner page NBIPORG. OR, click the 3 dots  just to the right of the Position field to perform a query by Job Title, Description, or Employee Class. Press F7 to clear the screen, type in the information you know, then press F8 to execute your query and get the answer.
    • For example, to find the position number for an Office Support Specialist for PCC Prep Alternative Programs, you might type in "%Office%" in the Title field and "PCC Prep%" in the Description field. (The '%' sign is the wild card.)
    • After finding the position number, double-click on it.

      3. To query a prior year, change the Query Date. Otherwise, leave it as the current date.

      4. Click the Go button to view a list of Position Incumbents (employees who have held that position).

More Details About NBIPINC
  1. If your list of employees is long, you can scroll through the records either by using the scroll bar on the right-hand side of your screen OR the Up and Down arrow keys on your keyboard.

  2. To narrow down your list to show only employees who currently hold that position (Active Authorizations only):
    1. Press F7 on your keyboard (or click on the Filter icon).
    2. Click in the "Status" Field and type an "A" for Active status.
    3. Press F8 on your keyboard (or click on the Go button).
    4. You will get a list of active employees who are authorized for the time period indicated by the Begin and End Dates.

  3. To start over and look up another position, use the Start Over button.

  4. To exit NBIPINC, click on the exit Exit icon.


The "Budget FTE" field on the right-hand side at the top of the page is the accurate budgeted FTE for the period indicated. The "Filled FTE" field is the head count or "record" count appearing on that particular query.