PEAEMPL is the primary Employee Information page in Banner. With PEAEMPL, you can view a PCC employee's current employment status, hire date, employee class, I9 status, and more. Using the "Options" menu, you can navigate to additional information such as leave balances (PEALEAV) and general person identification information (PPAIDEN).

For training and access to this page, contact the IT Training Team.


  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type PEAEMPL, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Type the employee's G Number (or SSN) in the ID field. 
    • If you do not know the G#, look it up by clicking on the 3 dots  Down-Arrow just to the right of the ID field. For details about searching for a G#, see our ID Search Tips.   

  3. Click Next Section  to view the employee's primary job position classification, hire date, home department, and other information.
  4. To access information about whether the employee's I9 page has been received by HR, click on the 2nd tab, "United States Regulatory."

  5. To access information about the employee's Leave Balances, Job Assignment Detail, Employee History, and other details, click on the Related menu at the top right of your screen to navigate to other Banner pages. 

  6. To look up another employee, click the Start Over button to start over. To exit PEAEMPL, click the exit Exit icon.


If you need to determine whether an employee is Active and you do not have access to PEAEMPL, you can also use the Banner page GWIPORT.