PWRPRHR - Tracking Bi-weekly Employee Hours

PWRPRHR is a Banner report which gives you information about how many hours a biweekly employee, such as a casual or student employee, has worked thus far in the current fiscal year. It allows the user to track employee hours to make sure the hours they work does not exceed the maximum limits for their employee type, or the limits set by the EPAF submitted for that employee.

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  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type PWRPRHR, then press Enter.

  2. Click the Go button.
  3. Click the Next Section  icon to get to the Parameter Values section.

    (Or, just click with your mouse in the third section, "Parameter Values." See picture above.)

  4. Enter the Parameter Values you want for your report in the "Values" column on the right side. Use the table below as a guide.


What to Type


01 Fiscal Year

Enter the Fiscal Year as four digits.

Fiscal Year 2010 runs from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.


02 Employee Class Code

CE = Casual Employee; SE = Student Employee; AJ = Part Time Faculty


03 Position Code

Enter the Position Number your department uses for the type of employee (for example, casuals) you want

If you don't know the position number, look it up using the Banner page NBIPORG.


Here are the Employee Class Codes and hourly limits for casual and student employees:

Employee Class Code

Type of Employee

Max. Hours Allowed

Payroll Type


Casual – Classified

599 hours

Bi-weekly (BW)


Casual – Academic Professional

959 hours

Bi-weekly (BW)


Casual - Administrative

1039 hours

Bi-weekly (BW)


Student Employee
(must be enrolled 6+ credits)

No hours limit

Bi-weekly (BW)

For more information about employee hour guidelines, refer to  

  1. When you have finished entering the Parameter Values, press Next Section  again.

    • If you wish to save your Parameter Values as the defaults for the next time you run PWRPRHR, 'check' the checkbox "Save Parameter Set As." (This is optional)

  2. Click the Save button.

          (For more information about saving reports, including saving your parameters for a future time, see the Banner Report Help page.)

  1. Open Report Viewer and view your report.


  1. It appears that employees who's position has been terminated are not included in this report. I'm trying to find total spent for all of our tutor positions, but the tutors who have left don't show up in the report even if they've worked for most of the past fiscal year. I can get some similar information from PWRPOPY, but it's a very different process and doesn't display hours worked, only payment totals.  Anyone have some deep Banner wisdom here?