With the Banner report PWRPTFA, you can get a complete list of all Part Time Faculty associated with your Attendance Method. If assessment information has been submitted to HR, the report also displays the name and campus of the person who did the assessment, the review date, subject assessed, and whether or not the assessment was completed.

pwrptfa report


  1. From the Banner Main Menu prompt, type PWRPTFA, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  2. Click the Go button.
  3. Click the Next Section icon.
    (Or, just click with your mouse in the "Parameter Values" section as shown in the picture below.)
    This will move your curser to the "Parameter Values" section.
  4. In the 'Values' column on the right side, enter the Parameter Values as indicated below.


What to Type

01 Attendance Method

Optional -- Enter an Attendance Method Code or Leave Blank for All.

The Attendance Method code designates the departments/programs within an instructional Division -- for example, N4 for PCC Prep Alternative Programs.

02 Term Begins

Type in the Term Code ( for example, 201203 for Summer 2012) for the earliest term you want information about.


03 Term EndsType in the Term Code ( for example, 201204 for Fall 2012) for the latest term you want information about
04 Sort Type

How do you want your report ordered?

S = order by subject

N = order by employee last name

05 Create Export Data File

Enter 'Y' for Yes or 'N' for No.

Answering 'Yes' provides an additional .dat (data file) that you can download onto your computer (for example to Excel or Word).

06 ID

Optional -- The G Number of the instructor(s) you wish to specify.

If you don't want to narrow your report down based on instructor, leave blank for all.


      5. After completing the parameter values above, click the Next Section icon.

      6. Click the Save button.

          (For more information about saving reports, including saving your parameters for a future time, see the Banner Report Help page.)

      7. Open Report Viewer and view your report