The Banner report PWRROST provides a list of all employees within a given department who are authorized to be paid for a specific payroll period. It is useful for determining whether employees in a given department are properly set up to receive pay before a timesheet deadline, and for getting a list of employee position/suffix numbers.


For each employee listed on the report, PWRROST includes their position and suffix number, G number, rate of pay, budget and account code used to pay them, employee class (whether they are casual, faculty, classified, etc.) and more.

For training and access to this report, contact the IT Training Team.

  1. From the Banner Main Menu, type PWRROST, then press Enter.

  2. Click the Go button.
  3.  Click the Next Section icon to get to the "Parameter Values" section.
    (Or, just click with your mouse into the third section, "Parameter Values," right side)

Use the table below as a guide for what to type on the right side, under the column heading "Values."

Parameter What to TypeExamples / Options

01 Year

Enter the Payroll Year as four digits.

The "Payroll Year" is the calendar year of the Pay Day for work performed, not the fiscal year.


Example: 2014 for the payroll year between Jan. 1, 2014 and Dec. 31, 2014 (date of Pay Day).

Clarification: PCC employees who get paid monthly will receive a paycheck on Jan. 3, 2012 for work performed between November 21 and December 20, 2011. In this case, the Payroll Year is 2012 because the Pay Day falls in 2012.

02 Pay Period TypeEnter MO for Monthly Payroll or BW for Biweekly PayrollExample: BW for employees who are paid biweekly

03 Pay Number

Enter the Pay Period Number, such as 10 for Pay Period Number 10.

See Pay Schedules (monthly and biweekly) for a list of pay periods.

Example: 5 for pay period number 5

04 Use Timesheet or Position Orgn.

Always enter 2 for the Position Orgn.

Example: 2 (recommended)

05 Orgn Code

Enter the Org. Code associated with your department's budget.

Example: A40307 for the Sylvania Math department budget

You can also enter a partial Org Code with the % (wild card) sign included, for example A4% for all Sylvania Dean of Instruction department budgets, or A% for all Sylvania budgets.

06 Sort Order

Indicate how you want to sort your list:

A sorts by Orgn Code, then Alphabetically by employee's last name.

E sorts by Orgn Code, then Employee Class, then Alphabetically by employee's last name.

L sorts Alphabetically by employee's last name.

Example: L to sort your list of employees by last name

When you have finished typing in the above parameter values:

      4. Click the Next Section  icon again.

      5. Click the Save icon.

           (For more information about saving reports, including saving your parameters for a future time, see the Banner Report Help page.)

      6. Open Report Viewer and view your report