Registration Overrides using MyPCC

The Registration Override process allows instructors to remove restrictions for a student attempting to register into a given class. For example, instructors can choose to override the prerequisite requirement for a given student in a class they teach.

Important Points:

  1. Before you begin the override process, have the student's ID number (G Number) ready.
  2. Please select all applicable override types.
  3. Overrides do not automatically enroll the student into the class. Students must register for the class themselves after you complete the override.


  1. Log into MyPCC and click on the Faculty Tab.

  • Click on Faculty Services Menu, located in the “Tools” section on the right side.

Next, click on the "Faculty Services" menu.

  1. Next, Click on "Registration Overrides."

  1. Select the Term: On the next screen, indicate the Term you want. If the term you want is not already selected, use the drop-down menu to select it. Press “Submit” to continue.

  1. Select the Student: Type the Student's G number in the “Student or Advisee ID” box. (You cannot use the  SS# in this field.) 
    ***Please Note: You must know the student’s G Number beforehand. The “Student and Advisee Query” option does not work.
  2. Press submit.

  1. Verify that the correct student appears on the next screen:

    • If it IS the correct student, click on the button at the bottom of the page. 

    • If it ISN’T the correct student, choose the ID Selection link to try again.

On the next screen, you will see a list of the classes the student is currently enrolled in, as well as any overrides that currently exist for the student. Below this, you will see the Registration Overrides section, where you can perform up to three (3) overrides for the student.

      • In the Override column in the lower section, use the drop-down menu to choose from the list of Override types:

      • In the Course column, use the drop-down menu to choose the course you want to perform the override for. (The only courses that will be displayed are ones for which you are the Primary Instructor.) You can choose up to three (3) override types for up to three different courses per student.

Make sure to select all applicable overrides. 
Many classes require more than one type. For example, if the class has already started you will need to select the “Late Add” override as well as any others that apply. If the class is also full, you will need to select “Class Capacity Override.” Failing to add all applicable override types will result in the student being unable to register for the class.

When you are finished selecting overrides, Click on the submit button.

    1. The next screen will confirm the overrides you have just created. Verify that the override types, classes, and student are all correct. 
      • If you made a mistake, click on the ID Selection link to try again. to start over.
      • If everything is correct, click on the submit button.

You are DONE! You will get a confirmation that lets you know your overrides were successfully completed:

The override you placed will appear in the Banner form SFASRPO and the student will be able to register for the class.

An override does not automatically enroll the student into the class; the student still needs to register for the class once the override has been performed. Self-registration puts the ownership back on the student, ensures that instructors have accurate rosters, and helps decrease registration disputes.

Please inform the student that you have submitted the override(s) for him/her and that they need to register for the course using MyPCC. To register, they would click on the "Add/Drop Classes" link, located in the yellow Registration Services channel at the center of the MyPCC Home tab.

Students must register by the late add deadline (two business days after the course drop deadline); after that date, registration will no longer be allowed.

Updated 3/2020

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  1. Someone in my office was  just helping an instructor with overrides, and I pointed out had instructions for the instructor. When I came here to show off the resources, we found a couple issues. 

    • Pictures are broken.
    • Maybe an updated video to reflect the new appearance of MyPCC?
    • Also, the archived video demo is error 404

    AFAIK the process here is still correct. 

    Thank you,

    -Adam Singh, SHD coordinator