Running a Banner Report

Banner includes both pages and reports. Reports are printable. Below are general directions on how to run Banner reports.

You can always tell that a given Banner screen is a report when its name contains an 'R' in the 3rd place -- for example, SWRUNOF.

Step 1: Specify the Report's Parameter Values and Run the Report

1. Type the name of the report into the Welcome screen, press Enter on your keyboard.

2. Click the Go button and then Next Section icon.

    • OR, you can just click into the 3rd section, “Parameter Values,” right column.

3. Type in the values you want on the right side.

    • What you type in this section depends upon the specific report you are running.

4. Click Next Section again.

5. Click the Save button.


Step 2: View and/or Print the Report in Banner Report Viewer