The Banner page SFAREGQ provides a view of a student's class schedule for a given term -- what classes they are registered for. It includes the details of each CRN, including time, location, instructor, and more. Credit as well as non-credit classes can be seen.

SFAREGQ will also show classes the student has been waitlisted for, or dropped mid-term. To determine if the student is actually registered in a given class, check the "registration status" code for each listed course (see details below).

For a Video Demonstration of SFAREGQ, go to the Video Demos page.

  1. From the main Banner Menu screen, type SFAREGQ, then press Enter.

  1. Type in the Term Code, then press Tab on your keyboard.
  2. Type in the student's ID (G Number) in the ID field.  
    • If you don't know the G#, look it up by clicking on the ellipsis.  This will create a popup menu for you to search for a person.  
  1. Click the "Go" button.

You will get a list of all the courses the student registered for during the term indicated:

Term Codes:

201701 = Winter 2017

201702 = Spring 2017

201703 = Summer 2017

201704 = Fall 2017

If the student is taking more than three classes, use the Down Arrow on your keyboard (or the scroll bar on the right of your screen) to view additional classes.

If the student is not registered for any courses for the term indicated, the following message will appear in the bottom left of your screen:

Use the table below as a guide for interpreting your results:

Field Name

What it Means


The Term Code for the term you specified at the beginning.

CRNThe five-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) for the class.

The Subject Code for the course (for example, BI = Biology; MTH = Math, etc.).
CourseThe 2, 3, or 4 character course number (for example, WR 121).
Section(Not Used by PCC)
*Registration StatusCurrent student status for each course listed. The student is only registered for classes in which the code is RW (registered web) or RE (registered by phone, FAX, or in person).  All other codes convey a status of dropped or waitlisted (WL).

Codes which indicate registered for the term:
RE = Registered in Person, by fax, or by telephone
RW = Registered by Web
DW = Dropped (will receive a 'W' grade)

Codes which indicate NOT registered for the term:
DD = Dropped/Deleted (special reg code)
D1 = Dropped for 100% refund
D0 = Dropped with 0% refund
CC = Class Canceled
WL = Waitlisted
A 'Y' (yes) in this field indicates the class is a CEU (Continuing Education Unit); 'N' means it is not a CEU course.

Cross List
Cross-List Code. Indicates if the class is cross-listed with another course. This code can be used to query for the other class in the cross-listed set.
DaysA 'check' in the column indicates the day(s) of the week the class meets.

Begin and End Times
Time of day, in military time, that the class meets.

Part of Term
Part of Term in which the course is scheduled (refer to the schedule entry documentation for additional information regarding the Part of Term code: (Choosing and Changing Part-of-Term)

Grading Mode
Grade Mode. 
N = Normal (A,B,C,D,F,P,NP,AUD)
S = Special (normal, plus CIP grades are also possible)
R = CIPR (normal, plus CIPR grades are also possible)

Credit Hours
Lists number of credits or CEU hours the course carries.

The Campus code is the sponsoring campus; usually but not necessarily the campus where the class is being held:
1 = Sylvania
2 = Cascade
3 = Rock Creek
4 = Extended Learning Campus (inc. SE Campus)
5 = Contract Out of District
6 = Educational Services
7 = Tillamook Bay CC
8 = Columbia Gorge CC
9 = (No longer in use)
K = (No longer in use)
X = Columbia Gorge CC
BuildingThe Building in which the class meets.
RoomThe room number of the room in which the class meets.
InstructorName of Instructor.
  1. To look up another student, click the tools link at the upper right side.  This will produce a menu.
  2. Select Start Over (formerly rollback)
  3. To exit SFAREGQ and return to the Banner Main Menu, click the large white X in the upper left corner.