SFASRPO - Student Registration Override

SFASRPO is the Banner form used by advisors and other employees with special permission to override restrictions a student may encounter when attempting to register for a class. For example:

  • Student does not meet the Prerequisite(s) for the class
  • Class has already started
  • Student does not have the appropriate Major for the class
  • Class is full (at capacity)
  • Class requires Special Approval

Please note: if you are the primary instructor for the course in question, you can perform an override by using BanWeb on MyPCC instead.

sfasrpo overrides

For a Video Demonstration of SFASRPO, go to the Video Demos page.

Overrides may be granted for a specific CRN, or for all CRN's with the same subject / course designation --- for example, all MTH 20 classes for that student. Once you complete the steps below, the student can register for the class.

    1. Begin by determining which barrier(s) to registration exist(s).  For example, if the class is at capacity and has already started, two barriers exist. You will need to override each restriction or barrier separately.

      To view the restrictions to registration for a specific CRN, refer to SSAPREQ.

    1. From the Banner Main Menu, type SFASRPO, then press Enter.

    2. Type in the student's ID (G Number) in the ID field.  

      • If you don't know the G#, you can look it up from here (see our ID Search Tips).
      1. In the "Term" field, type in the Term Code.
Guide to Term Codes
201701Winter 2017
201702Spring 2017
201703Summer 2017
201704Fall 2017
      1. Click the next block Next Block icon.
        (Or, just click with your mouse into any field in the lower section, such as the "Permit" field.)


Entering the Override

Once you have performed the steps above,

      1. Click on the down Down Arrow located just below the "Permit" column heading to view the list of override codes.

      2. Double-click on the override type you wish to select. Here are the choices:

Override TypeDescriptionEffect on Registration
APPROVALSpecial Approval OverrideAllows student to register for a class requiring "special approval."
CAPACITYClass Capacity OverrideAllows student to register even if the class is full.  
COREQCorequisite OverrideAllows student to register regardless of whether corequisite requirement is met.
LATEADDLate Add OverrideAllows student to register after the first day of class.
MAJORMajor OverrideAllows student to register regardless of what his/her major is. (Example: some classes allow only Nursing majors.)
PREREQOverride Prerequisite RequirementAllows student to register regardless of whether the pre-requisite requirement has been met.
TIME Time Conflict-No longer permitted. This allowed student to register even if they would be in two classes at the same time, with Division Dean approval.
      1. When you have specified your override type, type in the CRN in question.

        OR, type in the Subject and Course Number (Example: BI 123 for Biology 123) and leave the CRN field blank.

In the case of linked classes, such as a lecture/lab combination with two separate CRN's, specify the subject / course designations only.  (Do not specify the CRNs or the override will not allow the student to register for all required sections.)

    1. Press the save Save icon to save your work.

    2. Enter and Save the next override type for the student, as needed.

Once you complete the steps above, the student will still need to register for the class.